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The Deaf Lottery Winner Buys Perfect Family Car!

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For winner “Lala”, who wishes to remain anonymous but is happy to be identified by his high school nickname, winning $760,000 in The Deaf Lottery draw 179 was a dream come true.

“I saw the winner of The Deaf Lottery was from my suburb and I thought I wonder if it’s me?” Lala revealed, laughing. “I kept on scrolling through my emails until I finally found one saying Congratulations! and realised I’d won.”

Lala told officials he was visiting family in Fiji with his wife and two young children when the draw winner was announced. As a result, he wasn’t able to confirm his win with lottery officials until 5 days later.

“Where we were in Fiji, the internet wasn’t very fast, so it took time for the phone to update.”

With his $760,000 prize, Lala has already purchased a brand new 2020 Pajero GLS for him and his family. He plans to buy a new house soon. They also plan to renovate their existing house and keep it as an investment property.

“There’s a lot going on at once,” he said. “It’s good though. It distracts me and keeps my brain occupied.”

Lala and his family are Hindu, and have asked a priest to bless the car and say a prayer so the occupants stay safe.

“In our culture,” Lala explains, “any time you buy anything new, you perform a ceremony. It doesn’t mean the car won’t be in an accident; it means the people inside will always be okay.”

The Deaf Lottery Supporter

Lala is a regular supporter of The Deaf Lottery. He first began his support in 2012 because he believed there was “a great outcome for others even if I don’t win.” The kind winner also continues to support the charity, purchasing a $500 ticket book in the very next draw.

Draw 182

Would you like to be the winner of The Deaf Lottery draw 182? The draw is now open with the chance to win an $850,000 1st prize + $47,000 in additional prizes! Even better, if you win, you have 4 fabulous 1st prize options to choose from.

Option 1: Investment or Lifestyle. Build your dream home in the location of your choice plus $750,000 max gold, $80,000 min deposit & $20,000 max cash.

Option 2: Getaway Lifestyle. Win $750,000 max gold, min $80,000 in your choice of a motorhome or caravan and 4WD & $20,000 max cash.

Option 3: Mortgage Buster. $800,000 max gold, $30,000 min in car/s & $20,000 max cash.

Option 4: Design Your Own Lifestyle. $750,000 max gold, $80,000 min in motor vehicles, marine craft, travel vouchers & $20,000 max cash.

There’s also an extra $10,000 in Early Bird prizes to be won for purchases of $20 or more in consecutive tickets. Buy before 17 November for an automatic entry!

Grab your tickets in The Deaf Lottery draw 182 now.

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