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The Deaf Lottery Australia Winner Has Life Changed

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After trying to reach Wendy* 3 times to inform her that she was The Deaf Lottery Australia winner, she finally answered her phone to some very good news. A teary Wendy was over the moon with the news, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Wendy was on the final day of her workplace at the time, before embarking on the journey of business ownership. She was in a very stressful time of her life where she was transitioning her entire lifestyle. Wendy mentioned “I had just refinanced to renovate my own office space. When I found out I’d won all this money, my first reaction was just to be even more stressed!”.

Wendy was on her way to lunch with her work friends when she found out about the win. Needless to say, lunch was Wendy’s shout!

Wendy at lunch with her colleagues

The Deaf Lottery Australia winner’s choice

With Wendy’s win, she got to pick which prize suited her best. Her choice was the Mortgage Buster Prize Option, valued at $850,000! She was able to buy a new car, and get the remaining in cash and gold. In the aim of brightening up her life, Wendy said: “I’ve chosen a fun colour, so I hope I won’t stand out too much!”.

A portion of her winnings have already gone to her children, and another is going to a new house. Wendy said: “I tried to build about ten years ago but the bank refused. I’ve got a builder lined up now to build a house. I’m pretty happy for the change!”.

Wendy has been a supporter of The Deaf Lottery Australia for a long time, and it has paid off. “My daughter was only young,” Wendy remembers, “and she was pushing me to donate to a charity. I started looking for someone to support and I came across Deaf Services. I thought this is it! I’m certainly glad I chose you”.

We are so happy for Wendy and her family and wish her all the best with her new business.

Sunday, 16 June 2024

Draw 214 closes in:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

This draw has now closed. You can check out the spectacular current draw here.

If you want the chance to win like Wendy, you can grab a ticket in the current The Deaf Lottery Australia draw! This draw is giving you the chance to choose your favourite prize out of the below options, all valued at $850,000.

new The Deaf Lottery draw.

Prize Options

1: Investment or Lifestyle – turn $850,000 into your dream home and a shiny new lifestyle!

2: Mortgage Buster – hit the road in a brand new car, and get the rest in cash and gold!

3: Getaway Lifestyle – travel in luxury in your very own caravan or motorhome, and spend leftover cash on your new lifestyle!

4: Design Your Own Lifestyle – win your choice of motor vehicles, marine craft, and travel vouchers!

If you want a chance to win, grab your ticket before Sunday 17 May 2020, 11:50pm AEST.

Best of luck!

*Name changed to maintain anonymity

Sunday, 16 June 2024

Draw 214 closes in:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

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