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The Best Quotes From Real-Life Lotto Winners

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Imagine receiving that phone call you’ve been waiting for and lottery officials reveal you’re Australia’s latest lotto winner. It’s a moment that many people dream about when they buy lotto tickets every week. Amidst all the excitement of knowing your life has changed forever, people always want to know – what will you do with all that money? Here is a collection of the best responses to that question from lotto winners around the world. These lotto winner quotes will make you laugh!

“I am going to buy a whole lot of stuff I don’t need… I bought a $125 door knocker in the shape of a crab, just because I could.”

Over the course of three months in 2012, a man from the northern US state of Maryland won lotto not once, not twice, but three times. His first two wins brought him $100,000 from two scratchies, while his third win of $101,000 in the Maryland State Lottery doubled his total lotto prize money. The man, who had only won minor divisions up until his winning streak began, said each subsequent win was less of a shock, but that it was a “fun ride”. He told reporters he planned to donate to animal rescue organisations and invest before he busted out this gem.

“I can shop ‘til I drop!”

The wife of a retired truck driver in Virginia, USA couldn’t help herself and exclaimed this at a press conference after her husband won $239 million in 2004. Her husband, meanwhile, claimed that it didn’t excite him “all that much” and that it was “no big thing” to him. He also said he planned to invest in real estate “because they don’t make no more dirt, you know.” Their Mega Millions Lottery win was the second largest payout in history at the time.

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“I want to buy a cow.”

After a Michigan, USA couple decided to use their multi-million Mega Millions Lottery money to make a difference in their community by opening a dental clinic for low-income people, the winning wife revealed her personal wish for spending their lotto windfall. The 2005 jackpot made the couple the richest winners in Michigan’s history, but things went wrong for them after the husband died of a heart attack just one year later.

“I’m gonna go fishing.”

Truck drivers seem to be lucky types when it comes to lotto. A man from the southern US state of Georgia who won $116.5 million in 2007 said he planned to quit his truck driving job as soon as the winnings came in, and added this when asked what he was going to do instead. He said he had only won $40 total up until his big win and that the money wouldn’t change him. After paying off mortgages for his family, the man said his first priority was buying a new boat to go fishing with his son.

“I think I’ll buy some more chickens, and I might buy a teacup pig, too.”

A former Ferrari salesman said this upon discovering he’d won $1 million from $20 worth of scratchies in 2013. The man had already been raising chickens in his backyard in the Californian city of San Jose and planned to use the money to buy more land for a genuine chicken ranch. The teacup pig – a miniature breed – was to be a gift for his youngest daughter. He said there were no plans to retire, but intended to drop down to part-time work in order to spend more time with his children.

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“I went to the supermarket and splashed out a tenner on new slippers, I couldn’t think of anything else I really needed.”

A grandfather of nine from Hertfordshire in southern England said this in a newspaper article following his £1,000,000 lotto win in 2013. The down-to-earth winner said he wouldn’t let the win go to his head, but that he planned to treat his wife to the top quality kitchen sink she reportedly “always wanted.” He said that he lay awake “guarding” his EuroMillions ticket after news of his win because he was worried someone might “pinch it”. Retirement was on the horizon but he said he intended to work until his pension kicked in.

“I think I would just have to get Guns N’ Roses together — the original line-up, mind. I am a real fan.”

After winning £128 million in a 2012 EuroMillions draw, a man from the historic Suffolk region of England made it clear that his ultimate wish was for his beloved 80s hair metal band to reunite. The winner, who had his own music shop in his hometown, said he would happily use some of his winnings to make the gig happen. Unfortunately, not long after the win some opportunistic criminals started an email scam using the winner’s identity, and he eventually separated from his wife.

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It’s only a top-up.”

An Irish couple from Dublin hit the jackpot not once but twice, and had this to say after their second win, which was significantly smaller than their first. The couple won over €6.5 million from a National Lottery draw in 2006, and another €500,000 from a EuroMillions Plus draw in 2011. Their first win allowed them to retire early and move to the country, while the “top-up” would take them on a big holiday to Australia.

I’ll go to work tomorrow and maybe punch the boss.”

So joked a 71 year-old man who won $1.4 million in a Keno draw in 2015. The electrical linesman, who lives in a caravan park outside Melbourne, spent $100 on lotto tickets at a local pub and found himself a new millionaire, and decided to celebrate with some KFC and another beer. The lucky larrikin proved he had a softer side when he explained how he planned to buy his deceased mother’s home where he grew up, but added that he had no plans to leave the caravan park.

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