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TattsLotto Statistics of 2021

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It’s only natural to imagine yourself winning the lottery at some point in your life. Although it might be against the odds, the possibility of winning a life-changing amount of money is alluring. 

TattsLotto — Gold Lotto in Queensland and Tatts Lotto X Lotto in South Australia — was initially based on European style lotteries when it was brought to Victoria in 1972, before nationwide adoption in 2013. It is also commonly known as Saturday Lotto, as it is played every Saturday night. TattsLotto statistics knowledge is essential if you want to play smart. Though there isn’t a way to predict the numbers that will be drawn every week, with the use of Saturday Lotto statistics, you can be knowledgeable enough to avoid miscalculations and look at ways to maximise your chances. 

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TattsLotto hot numbers

Hot numbers are those that have been drawn most frequently over a given time. Below are the most frequently drawn numbers of 2021:

6, 17, 22, 26, 30, 32, 33

TattsLotto cold numbers

Cold numbers are those that have been drawn least frequently over a given time. Below is a list of the least frequently drawn numbers of 2021:

10, 11, 18, 21, 25, 37, 43

Most and least profitable numbers of 2021

Some numbers are statistically more likely to be profitable than others when they’re used in a winning ticket. This is due to the fact that some numbers tend to be picked more than others. When a less popular number is the winning number, it means that the Saturday Lotto share prize is distributed among fewer people, making them more profitable than those that are more popular. Below is a list of numbers that resulted in the largest and smallest dividends of 2021:

Most profitable

14, 16, 17, 31, 37, 43, 44

Least profitable

11, 12, 18, 24, 25, 29, 36

How yearly statistics are calculated

Saturday Lotto statistics for any given year are calculated as an average of that year. To determine which numbers are most popular, and have yielded the largest dividends, the data of a full lottery year is simply taken and used to produce a mean result. Although knowing these numbers doesn’t mean that you will necessarily have greater odds of winning the next lottery, it can help you form a strategy around which numbers you pick next time. 

Saturday Lotto - 20 Million

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How to use TattsLotto statistics as a guide

There isn’t an “easy hack” when it comes to winning the lottery. But with that said, you can still use TattsLotto number statistics as a guide for your next TattsLotto attempt. 

Want to play smart? Let’s start by knowing the odds of winning the TattsLotto Division 1 prize. TattsLotto is played with eight balls that are drawn from a barrel of forty-five. The first six are the winning numbers, and the remaining two are supplementary numbers for other prize pools. If you purchase one ticket, you have a 1:8,145,060 chance of winning. If you purchase a second ticket and pick new numbers, you would have a 2:8,145,060 chance of winning. 

To give yourself the best shot at winning, you can hold off buying an individual ticket every week. Instead, you can purchase several at once for a given week, so that your range of numbers can be carefully picked without the inconvenience of the weekly Saturday Lotto reset. 

Saturday Lotto also offers a few alternate and more expensive options for increasing your odds:

  • System ticket — Allows you to pick more than the standard six numbers, up to a total of twenty.
  • Super Combo ticket — Gives you the option to choose between ten to forty-five numbers in a total of ten to two hundred games. The numbers are randomly spread across your chosen games.
  • Syndicate ticket — Pools you into a random group of ten so you can split the cost of the ticket.
  • Lotto Party ticket — Same as a Syndicate ticket but you can choose your group.

Remember that every week is a new game. As they are independent of each other, there is no guarantee that any number that has been drawn before will not be drawn in the next one. This is a game of chance. Try to stay away from picking numbers on a whim, such as those that begin or end with the same number. 

You might be better off choosing odd numbers and even numbers, low and high. If you want to share the odds with friends, family, or co-workers, you can always buy TattsLotto tickets together. Keep in mind that your chosen numbers are just as likely to be picked this time as they are the next time. But with that said, even the most knowledgeable statistician still has the same chance as you once you know the basic principles of Saturday Lotto statistics. The odds are what make this experience fun! 

Once you understand the system, you can confidently choose numbers backed by the relevant statistical overviews from 2021 — always remember to regularly check the results. If you are ready to test your luck and play the lottery, be sure to visit the Saturday Lotto site or Oz Lotteries app to get started. Good luck and enjoy!

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