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Superdraw Winners Share The Joy

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Three of the eleven $21,000,000 Superdraw winners have got big plans to share the joy from their Division 1 winnings worth nearly $2,000,000! Whether it’s taking care of their children’s mortgages, renovating their own home after 50 years, or finally achieving financial freedom, these Superdraw winners are determined to use their prize money to get the most out of life.

The first winner, a father of grown children from Melbourne in Victoria, said that he planned to recreate the iconic lotto ad and pay off his children’s mortgages. “I’m planning to surprise them and break the news in a special way,” he said, reminiscing about the part where “the dad comes and gives his daughter an envelope and says we’ve looked after your mortgage for you!”

The generous dad said there were “bound to be tears of joy and smiles all around” and that it would be an “unforgettable moment” for him to see their overjoyed reactions. He added that the windfall was “not to be sneezed at” and that it would allow him to buy a house of his own after taking care of his children.

His 50-game Quickpick, purchased online, brought him one of eleven Division 1 prizes worth $1,909,090.91 in the weekend’s $21,000,000 Superdraw. He said that he was glad to share the prize pool with ten other people because it was “good for the economy.”

Meanwhile in the Sunshine State of Queensland, a retired couple from the Brisbane suburb of Stafford said that their winnings would finally allow them to renovate their “tired” home after 50 years. “We’ve never once renovated, so it’s well overdue for a makeover!” said the winning wife. The couple said they planned to help their family first, then begin on the home improvements and be able to enjoy their retirement.

“We’ve always lived frugally,” said the wife, explaining that they had saved “just enough” to be comfortable in retirement but that they had never enjoyed a “lavish lifestyle.” The sensible couple had nothing outrageous planned with their prize money, but there were a few items they were looking forward to including in their home.

“The first thing I want is a new bathroom, and one of those walk-in wardrobes!” exclaimed the wife. Her husband chimed in with his wish – “I’d like to have a media room put in for me!” Their 18-game Quickpick was purchased from a local newsagency.

At the southern end of the country, a Launceston couple from Invermay were totally shocked to realise they were Superdraw winners after checking the lotto results in the Sunday newspaper and finding the six winning numbers on line two of their 36-game Quickpick.

“My husband read the paper to check the numbers and there it was,” said the winning wife. “I heard him getting a bit short of breath and he stammered ‘We’ve won TattsLotto!” In disbelief, she told him to “stop joshing” and read the numbers out aloud while her husband checked them off on their ticket, but it still didn’t sink in. It wasn’t until she checked the ticket herself that she began “shaking like a leaf” at the realisation they were Superdraw winners.

“It’s so surreal,” she explained. “You say the number ‘$1.9 million’ over and over in your head and it doesn’t actually register how much it is.” The couple’s winning ticket was purchased from a local newsagency. The windfall has given the couple the precious gift of financial freedom – as the winning wife said, “We’ll be able to travel and do whatever we want now!”

There were eleven Division 1 winners in the $21,000,000 Saturday Lotto draw on the 29th of October, and each winner took home over $1,900,000 in prize money. The winning numbers from Saturday Lotto draw 36781 were 33, 39, 20, 23, 42, and 15, plus supplementary numbers 36 and 22.

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Good luck!

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