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Struggling Couple Win Million-Dollar Prize Home

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What would you do if you won a million-dollar prize home?

The Mater Prize Home Lottery continues to make dreams come true! Hear how they made another life-changing phone call to a Brisbane family in October last year.

The day before the family received the winning call, the mother of two was exhausted and on the verge of tears. Having 2 children with special needs, therapy costs and rising medical costs had taken its toll. Emotionally and financially they had been struggling for over eight years.

“I was sitting in my car and uttered in silence “Please” to the universe before the traffic lights changed. Just internally hoping for just one easy day that week,” said the winning mother.

The next day the family received the life-changing phone call. They were now the winners of a $1.8 million luxury prize home in tropical Cairns!

The winning mother could not grasp the idea that they were the winners of the prize home. She set about checking all the social media pages to confirm the information was correct. Finally the news hit home. Still in shock and disbelief, they couldn’t believe that they were now owners of their very own home.

After the shock of winning the prize home had settled, the mother said she “kept thinking back to that moment of surrender in that car and the immense gratitude and shock we now feel that somehow the universe saw us.”

She went on to say that the number of congratulatory messages they received had been overwhelming and wanted to thank everyone for their kind and positive words.

“I hope this little message serves as a reminder to never stop hoping and dreaming. We’re sending all our well wishes into the universe that your boats come sailing in as ours has.”

Why support Mater Foundation?

Above all, Mater Foundation supports healthcare in and beyond the Queensland community. They contribute to world-leading research that will improve the lives of Australians. For over 60 years, Mater Prize Home lottery has been making dreams come true with their million-dollar prize home packages.

You can enter the latest Mater Prize Home draw or enter another charity lottery draw on Oz Lotteries for your chance to win a stunning prize and help support a great cause.

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