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Six Luxurious Christmas Gifts

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With the silly season upon us and Christmas just around the corner, many of us are thinking about what Christmas gifts to buy for our special someones. With plenty of high jackpots on offer, we found some of the most expensive, outrageous and luxurious gifts that are popular for millionaires.

If you win big this Christmas in lotto, will you be buying someone else or yourself one of these six luxurious and extravagant gifts?

6. Gold Shoe Laces by Mr. Kennedy:

Price: $19,000

Want to add some style to your sneakers? With only ten shoelaces of this kind produced, you’re sure to make a statement. This exclusive, unique and limited edition 24 carat gold laces is the brainchild of Mr. Kennedy. The price also includes delivery by security anywhere in the world and will also be laced for you.

5. The Row’s Alligator Backpack:

Price: $39,000

This one may be a lot harder to get – it is currently sold out. Created by the Olsen twins, this luxurious backpack will have heads turning.  Made from the finest alligator leather and featuring an adjustable strap, drawstring and adjustable shoulder straps.

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4. Goldsmith Jack Row Pen

Price: $43,500

Fancy yourself a bit of a writer? You may get the inspiration you need with this little gem. This one of a kind pen hosts studs of 0.90 carats of diamonds and has a white gold finish. The nib is 18-carat yellow gold, whilst the inner barrel is rhodium and 22-carat gold plated.

3. Zafirro Razor

Price: $100,000

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a special man in your life, the Zafirro Razor may just be the perfect gift. He will have a close shave with one of the most expensive and exclusive razors in the world, with only nighty-nine created. This razor has a medical grade stainless steel cartridge and artificial sapphire razors that are 1/10,000th the width of a hair. Plus, it comes with an iridium handle to add to the razor’s luxury.

2. Virgin Galactic Space Trip

Price: $200,000

See yourself as an exotic traveller and have dreamed of venturing into the great unknown? This gift may be just for you. Become a part of history and explore a galaxy far, far away, by travelling with Virgin Galactic on the ultimate adventure into space. But hurry, out of the five hundred seats, only fifty seats remain!

1. Amour, Amour Dog Collar

Price: $3.2 million

It’s not uncommon these days for pet owners to include their fury friend when purchasing Christmas presents. This crocodile leather collar includes a 7-carat centrepiece which is set in white gold along with 1,600 diamonds. Called “the Bugatti of dog collars” by Forbes, the three point two $2 million luxurious piece is the perfect accessory for the four-legged love in your life.

Would you purchase any of these extravagant Christmas gifts for a loved one or do you prefer to keep it simple?  We regularly have high jackpots, so this fantasy could just become a reality. Purchase your tickets online now for the chance to win!

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