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Queensland Woman Wins Division 1 Four Times

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A woman from Caboolture on Brisbane’s northside was shocked to hear that she was a Division 1 winner in this $1,000,000 Wednesday Lotto draw.  But not only once, not twice or even three times! But four in total! That’s in addition to winning prizes in minor divisions! Not only that, the woman had also just won $17,000 in minor divisions in the same week’s $1,000,000 Monday Lotto draw. Talk about lightning striking the same spot!

“It’s just unreal! I’ve had two wins in the past few weeks and now last night I won $2.77 million.”

She mused that maybe everyone has a “lucky time” in their life and that this was her time.

“It’s been a bit of a roll of wins lately. I thought my luck may have run out but it’s just got better. This is the icing on top of the cake!”

The winner explained that she was curious if it was possible to win Division 1 more than once on a single ticket using the same numbers for each game. Her winning 4-game ticket played four identical System 12 games using the exact same combination of numbers in all four games. Each game not only hit the $1,000,000 jackpot, but also won 144 prizes in Division 3 and 900 prizes in Division 4 – a total of 1048 prizes in all divisions worth over $2,770,000. It’s the latest in a spate of recent big lotto wins from online lotto tickets.

Monday and Wednesday Lotto has a new look!

Monday and Wednesday Lotto has changed to a new look Weekday Windfall game, with the addition of a third game on Friday. The first Weekday Windfall draw was on Monday 20 May 2024.

Both Monday and Wednesday Lotto have a guaranteed $1,000,000 jackpot for up to four winners in any one draw. If there are more than four winners, the jackpot total is divided equally amongst the winners. In last Wednesday’s draw, there were two other Division 1 winners in addition to the four Division 1 prizes won by the Caboolture woman, so each received less than a little less than $1,000,000 in prize money.

The winning woman said it would be time to time to think about retirement with her newfound financial freedom. “We’ve worked hard our whole lives. It’s time to put the boots down… All we want to do is play golf a couple of times a week and kick back.” She also said that she wished to help out her family and not “worry about paying bills.”

“It’s just beautiful!”

The winning numbers from Wednesday Lotto draw 3661 on the 17th of May were 30, 5, 25, 11, 27 and 18, plus supplementary numbers 21 and 19.

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