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Powerball Winners from a Queensland Syndicate

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Meet the Powerball winners!

Can you imagine arriving at work one morning to discover you are in a group of Powerball winners? That’s exactly what happened to some of the 21 members of the syndicate that won the $55 million Powerball jackpot!

Incredibly, all 21 Powerball winners are part of a 35-member team at the Queensland Department of Education. They range in age from 23 – 60 years old. Queensland’s newest multi-millionaires won $2.6 million each with their 50-game Quickpick ticket.

The young female syndicate leader said she was in disbelief. She was only prompted to set up the workplace syndicate after seeing the large prize on offer. Initially not certain how much they had won, she headed back to the office to check the numbers online. Upon seeing they did indeed have the winning numbers, the office erupted! Some people were laughing, some crying, and others left speechless.

The syndicate leader spoke to a colleague on the phone and tried to convince them it wasn’t a joke. “I’m not kidding you!” she exclaimed. “I’m sitting here looking at the ticket. We’ve each won $2.6 million!” She indicated she had never expected anything like this to happen when she woke up that morning.

“I just went to work this morning like normal and now this has happened. It’s just incredible – we’re multi-millionaires!”

She said the windfall would mean something different to each person but that it would essentially change their lives.

“For some they may retire. Others will clear debts and pay off mortgages. Others have told me they will help their family. I’m sure there will be a few holidays as well.”

Above all, the syndicate leader said that the group would be celebrating the win together. In addition, one Powerball winner says:

“Now I’ll be able to buy a house and get my teeth fixed. Finally, I’ll be able to afford braces.”

The winning numbers drawn on Thursday 5th January 2017 were 36, 8, 23, 39, 31 and 6. Finally, that all-important Powerball was 15.

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