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Mum Gets a Shot of Money From a Powerball Win

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Winning the lotto is a hot topic among, friends, family and work colleagues. Many of us like to dream about winning the lotto and talk about all the amazing things that we would do if we ever won. This dream had become a reality on Thursday 22 March 2018 for a woman in Lewisham, New South Wales, who said that the Powerball win could not have come at a better time.

The young mum said that she was at a stage in her life that it was a struggle to buy a coffee. Two days before the win her husband had called her on his way home to ask his wife if she would be able to buy a coffee. He only had $3 in his wallet. He managed to find some loose change in the car and had come home with a coffee for his wife.

The young mum joked, “I couldn’t afford a daily coffee then, but I might go buy a café now!”

Powerball draw 1140 on 22 March 2018 had a jackpot of $40,000,000 and had two Division One winners. The Sydney woman said she was in shock when she discovered that she had won the first division prize.

“I’m in shock. It’s come at the best time. It’s been a struggle after struggle,” the mum said. After, she spoke about how hard she and her husband have been working to support their family.

Her husband told her that she won and then she started crying.

“I’ve been in shock ever since, and I haven’t had any sleep. I keep logging in and looking at it; thinking is this real?”

The winning numbers for that draw were: 10, 17, 35, 40, 22 & 30 with 7 being the all-important Powerball number.

To make the winning experience even more memorable, she had also won division two 19 times! This was thanks to a PowerHit, which guarantees the winning Powerball number and not only gives you more chances to win and also win multiple prize divisions.

The young mum had also mentioned that after years of renting, she was excited about buying her first home for her young family.

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The mum isn’t the only recent division 1 winner. A new winner of Saturday draw purchased a 7-game system 8 from their local newsagent and took home $658,000 for winning Division One. The winner decided to stay anonymous, but we can tell you that they are from Edithvale, Melbourne and they are a regular player of Saturday Lotto. The winning numbers of draw 3825 were 35, 33, 41, 26, 38 & 32.

“It’s such good news! We had a run of wins a few years ago with an Oz Lotto and Monday & Wednesday division one win, but we’ve had a bit of a drought lately,” the newsagency owner said. “We are so happy that a regular customer and local to the area has won division one! It’s just fantastic!”

The winning numbers for Saturday Gold Lotto draw 3825 on Saturday 17 March were 35, 33, 41, 26, 38, 32 and 45 and 27 as the supplementary numbers.

You can buy a ticket for lotteries with Oz Lotteries online. What would you do with a Powerball win? Powerball draws close at 7:25pm every Thursday evening.

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