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Three Powerball Winners Share Jackpot

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Three new Powerball winners have been created after last week’s $6,000,000 draw. The Division 1 prize pool was shared by three lotto players hailing from New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia!

Meet the Powerball winners

The first Powerball winner was a retired man from the town of Gympie, about 160km north of Brisbane. Lottery officials had been searching for the Sunshine State’s Powerball winner for days following the Powerball draw. They finally managed to get hold of the stunned pensioner, who had no idea that he was the missing winner.

“Holy hell! You have really knocked my socks off!”

Local news had spread around Gympie that one of Powerball’s latest millionaires was amongst them. However, he couldn’t be reached with the amazing news due to incorrect contact details. The winning man thought his details were up-to-date. Therefore, he’d had no inkling that he had a $2,000,000 prize waiting for him.

“What am I going to do with $2 million?” he asked rhetorically, before saying that he would soon find something to do with the life-changing windfall. The winner told lottery officials that he had no plans to splurge. All before adding that he was wearing the same shirts for the past 30 years. He mentioned that he would have a good long think about how to use the money. But overall, he believes that his life won’t change.

“I think there’s a stubby in the fridge at home for me to celebrate with this afternoon!”

The winner’s ticket is a purchase from a local newsagency in town. It was one of three in the $6,000,000 Powerball draw on the 8th of September 2016. All three Division 1 winners matched all 7 winning numbers plus the crucial Powerball number.

The second Powerball winner, is a man from the southern Perth suburb of Cloverdale. He had purchased his Division 1-winning ticket from a local newsagency and forgotten about it in his pocket for several days. After he saw the newsagency advertising a mystery Division 1 winner, he hurried home to check the ticket to the great news.

He reportedly celebrated the good news with “a steak and a couple of beers”. Ultimately, he plans to put the money towards his mortgage and family.

The third Powerball winner purchased their 20-game PowerHit ticket from a local newsagency in Tuncurry, New South Wales and wishes to remain completely anonymous.

Historically, the odds of winning Powerball are higher than other popular Australian lotto games like Oz Lotto. But the trade-off comes with monster jackpots up to $70,000,000.

You could be Australia’s next multi-millionaire, but you have to be in it to win it! Get your ticket online for Thursday’s Powerball draw.

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