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Play Your Favourite Lotto Numbers & Spread Your Luck

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Oz Lotteries is excited to release our new app feature – Play Your Favourite Numbers! Available only on the Oz Lotteries app, you simply choose up to 6 of your favourite numbers to play in each draw of Oz Lotto, Saturday Lotto, and Powerball every week. We’ve put together a guide covering everything you need to know to start playing your favourite numbers.

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What is Play Your Favourite Numbers?

Save time and spread your luck across the three biggest lotto games of the week – Oz Lotto, Powerball, and Saturday Lotto. Play Your Favourite Numbers is a quick and easy way to set up 3 automatic repeat tickets at once, with numbers that are important to you. By activating Play Your Favourite Numbers, your chosen 6 numbers will automatically be played in all of the 3 biggest draws each week.

Where can I set up Play Your Favourite Numbers?

This feature is exclusive to the Oz Lotteries app. You will need to download the Oz Lotteries app from our website, register or sign in, and then click the Play Your Favourite Numbers section on the home page.

What about Powerball?

You may have noticed that Powerball has 7 numbers per game, while Oz Lotto and Saturday Lotto only need 6 numbers per game. To make sure you get your most precious numbers in the draws, you choose 6 and we will QuickPick the last number of the game for you. The Powerball for each game will also be randomly chosen by QuickPick, with a number in the range of 1-20.

Powerball - 40 Million

This Thursday $40 Million

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What about lotto numbers over 35?

Because Powerball’s main numbers range from 1 to 35, if you choose a number over 35 as a favourite number, it will be replaced with a QuickPicked number. But don’t worry, numbers over 35 can still be played in Oz Lotto and Saturday Lotto!

Do I need to play all 6 lotto numbers?

No, you can choose to play any amount of favourite numbers. That’s from just 1 number right through to 6 numbers. Any unpicked numbers in each game will be randomly chosen for you by QuickPick.

How can I update my lotto game settings?

In the AutoPlay lotto tickets section of your Oz Lotteries account, you can choose to change your settings, including the minimum jackpot level and your funding source. You can choose to change to Use your Balance only, Use a Credit/Debit Card only, or Balance then Card. Details of your cards and accounts can also be changed under your account.

How do I stop playing my favourite lotto numbers?

To pause any of your repeat tickets, you just need to toggle it off in your AutoPlay lotto tickets under your account. You can pause at any time to stop the purchases, and turn on again if you wish to restart. However, to completely remove them from your account, you will need to contact Oz Lotteries Customer Support for assistance. Once paused or cancelled, it is immediate and you won’t receive any further charges or tickets. However, any tickets already purchased will be valid so you should contact support if you need to cancel purchased tickets.

There you have it – a complete guide to Play Your Favourite Numbers! However, if you still have questions or need any assistance, please reach out to our Oz Lotteries Customer Support team, or leave a comment below. Enjoy!

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