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Oz Lotto Winner Celebrates Division 2 $23,000 Win!

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With no one winning $10,000,000 Oz Lotto, the jackpot is now an impressive $15,000,000! But one Oz Lotto winner is celebrating a lesser, yet nevertheless amazing win!

The lucky Oz Lotteries member picked up a neat Division 2 prize of $23,787.55. Unsuspecting of his prized results, the WA man dismissed the Oz Lotteries draw results email he received early on Wednesday morning and went back to sleep.

“I woke up with a buzz of my mobile ‘New Email Notification’. Probably letting me know about the usual $10-$30 win. I turned around and kept sleeping.”

“One hour later when I woke up, I opened the email and was quite surprised. The rest of the day, I had a big smile on my face.”

When asked what he would spend the money on, the happy winner said that the money will come in quite handy. He just moved into his own unit, so it helps with the expenses and furniture. The Oz Lotto winner also planned to get a replacement for his car because of its old age.

“This win makes everything a bit easier, and everything less of a headache.”

The WA man bought a 30 games Quickpick ticket in the $10 million Oz Lotto draw. This is the usual ticket he’s played for Oz Lotto, having been a customer with Oz  Lotteries for over 4 years.

Oz Lotteries has had a streak of Division 2 winners, with another lucky customer winning a prize in 7th July Saturday Lotto $4 million draw.

Will you be our next millionaire? You’ve got to be in it to win it – so grab your Oz Lotto ticket today.

Don’t miss your chance to win with Oz Lotteries! We have lottery draws every day (except Friday and Sunday), and charity lotteries for those wanting to win a dream home, luxury cars, holidays or cash prizes.

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