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Oz Lotto Jackpot Shared By Two Winners

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The two Oz Lotto winners from a recent $5,000,000 jackpot were a woman from Sydney and a man from Canberra. Both winners matched all seven winning Oz Lotto numbers and took home $2.5 million in prize money – an “indescribable” feeling, according to the Sydney winner.

“This win is going to changes our lives” she said. “It’s so exciting!”

The winning woman purchased her winning 12-game Standard ticket from a local newsagency in Circular Quay, playing the same numbers she has played for “many years”. While buying her regular lotto tickets, she decided to get one in the $5,000,000 Oz Lotto draw as well. When she checked her ticket the next day and was told she’d won Division 1, she yelled “Fair dinkum?!” right there in the store!

“I’m just an ordinary person!” she said, adding that she had no idea she could be so lucky. The woman said she planned to celebrate over champagne during dinner with her husband, and that there was “a lot of travelling” on the cards for them now.

The Canberra Oz Lotto winner also has travel on his mind, but not before retirement! “I’ll buy myself and new home and retire so I can go on a European holiday later in the year!” he said.

The man explained how he had checked his System 8 ticket, purchased from a local newsagency, in the early hours of Wednesday morning. When he realised he had matched all seven winning numbers, he wasn’t quite sure how to react.

“I was surprisingly cool as a cucumber,” he said, adding that he even took his dog out for its usual morning walk. He joked that perhaps it would start to sink in over a few drinks during that evening’s planned celebration, but that it still didn’t feel real. He intends to share the windfall with his family and upgrade his car in addition to his travel and home ownership goals.

The winning numbers from Oz Lotto draw 1155 on the 5th of April were 17, 37, 44, 15, 2, 3 and 28, plus supplementary numbers 18 and 4.

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