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Oz Lotteries Set for Life Winner – A New Life...

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We’re celebrating today after an incredibly deserving woman has become the latest Oz Lotteries Set for Life winner! Having overcome tremendous challenges and facing potential homelessness, a Victorian Oz Lotteries customer is now Set for Life with her Division 1 win.

This is not a drill!

Our Customer Support team made contact with the Victorian woman early Monday morning, after winning the Saturday 23 July 2022 Set for Life Division 1 prize. She admits that she had seen a notification on her phone the day before but dismissed it as a mistake or trick.

The winner even called her daughter, asking how many zeros that would be, both confirmed it was, “too many zeros, it has to be a scam!” She knew she had an official ticket, purchased through the Oz Lotteries app. However, decided to wait and see if anyone contacted her. Fortunately, we did! 

The team was overjoyed to confirm the win, letting her know she had indeed won $20,000 each month for 20 years! That’s $4,800,000!  Naturally, our winner was ecstatic, stating that she, “Couldn’t believe it! This is life-changing! I’ve always been thinking about if I won the lottery the things I would do. Now that it’s happened it feels unreal!”

She explained that it is her first time winning a big prize. Despite buying lottery tickets for a few years, she has only won small prizes here and there. Even better, she admitted she had only played Set for Life a few times in the past. However, this time she decided to put it on with her usual tickets.

A new life for Oz Lotteries Set for Life Winner

Our lucky winner is a single mum of 20 years. With rising costs of living and having had to step back from work due to stress, she had been living off her savings. The woman tearfully explained how much this win would mean to her and her family. 

The Victorian mother was about to lose her home in just a few months and was considering living in a caravan. This prize has come at a perfect time and means she no longer needs to panic about homelessness. 

The winner is overjoyed that she can now relax and happily stated that she’s never coming back to work! She is looking forward to enjoying living her life. The deserving winner also has a specific dream home that she had been thinking about for 30 years. Finally, she can build it and fulfill that dream. 

The loving mother is further hoping to pay off loans and buy her daughter a new car. In a fortunate turn of events, while a caravan had once seemed a daunting decision, the winner is now considering getting one to go on a holiday! 

Set for Life - 4 Million

Today – 10:57 am $20,000 a month for 20 years*

Entries Close:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

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For your chance to win like our lucky Oz Lotteries Set for Life winner, make sure you buy your Set For Life ticket online at Oz Lotteries now!

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