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Oz Lotteries Player Wins Saturday Lotto for Mum!

Oz Lotteries Player Wins Saturday Lotto for Mum

Saturday 23 October 2021 was an amazing day. Particularly as an Oz Lotteries player wins Saturday Lotto prize of $621,262.72! The man was overjoyed to learn the news, but not because he was the prize winner. The player explained that the winning entry was actually his mother’s ticket!

“My mother is going to be over the moon!”

Our Oz Lotteries player shared the heartwarming story of how much this ticket would change their lives.

Not only will the prize money help with living expenses, it is also a sign of celebration. He shared how the timing couldn’t be better for the player’s mother and their family. His mother is currently in recovery from cancer and other underlying health issues.

While the intended ticket holder is yet to discover the news, it is sure to be a fantastic surprise! The Oz Lotteries player is excited to surprise her by transferring the funds into her bank account to see the proof for herself. However, he jokingly confessed to our customer support team that he is so excited, he may not be able to keep the secret!

The Oz Lotteries player was completely unaware of the win or our reason for the call. In fact, he initially thought our team were calling about a failed payment or issue with his purchases. It was a total shock when he heard our agent say, “Well, I hope you are sitting somewhere comfortable! Congratulations, you have won $621,262.72.” 

He expressed his extreme gratitude and celebrated with our team. He can’t wait to share the news with his mother and family – and we wish them all the best in the future!

Saturday Lotto - 20 Million

This Saturday $20 Million*

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Winning Saturday Lotto Results

The winners held entries in Saturday Lotto draw 4201 on 23 October 2021.

Main numbers:
Supplementary numbers:

There were 10 winning Division 1 entries in the draw, each receiving $621,262.72. Oz Lotteries had one winning Division 1 entry, and one Division 2 win.

Congratulations to the lucky winners!

Want the chance to be our next Oz Lotteries player wins Saturday Lotto? Would you keep all the money or share the windfall like our Oz Lotteries player? Either way, you’ll first need to get your Powerball ticket in Saturday Lotto. Best of luck!

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