13 October 2015, By Mandy Paterson

Oz Lotteries Member Wins $200,000 Lucky Lotteries Prize

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Lucky Lotteries has lived up to its name for one Oz Lotteries member who is $200,000 richer! The winning man from East Maitland in the Newcastle region purchased his unique winning ticket online from Oz Lotteries and was the jackpot winner in the Mega Jackpot draw on the 23rd of September. He spoke to Oz Lotteries after news of the win to tell us he was “more than happy” – and to prove it, he has continued to buy tickets in subsequent Lucky Lotteries draws. Lightning does strike twice, after all!

“I had a results email in my inbox, didn’t even look at it,” said the down-to-earth winner. “Only realised there was a win when I went into the account to buy my Saturday Lotto ticket. And there it was!”

He explained how he had called his wife to say the computer was playing up, before calling the Oz Lotteries customer support team to double check the large prize sitting in their account. Once the team confirmed that it wasn’t a computer glitch and he was in fact $200,000 richer, it all became real. “I was shocked,” he said. “Never seen that much money in me life!”

The winner had been playing lotto online for over 3 years. “It’s so convenient and easy,” he said of the Oz Lotteries website through which he achieved his “life-changing” win. Although he had been a regular Lucky Lotteries player, the winner told Oz Lotteries that he’d never won anything before, “big or little”. He added that winning the jackpot had turned him into a believer and that it could happen to anyone “when you least expect it!”

The man, who is a small business owner, said the Lucky Lotteries prize money would go toward paying off their mortgage. The couple were not quite ready for retirement just yet, but he planned to “start saving a bit more towards that”. Like many big lotto winners, travel is also on the cards. “We’ll take a holiday up to Queensland,” he said, “might as well keep the money in the country!”

Lucky Lotteries Mega Jsackpot is a smaller lottery with a minimum $1 Million prize and a possible jackpot of $16 Million. There are no prize pools in Mega Jackpot because individual prizes are won by unique ticket numbers – winner takes all.

Each Mega Jackpot has a set number of 180,000 tickets to be sold. Once all the tickets in a draw are sold the draw for that particular game can take place. Thus, there are no set dates for draws. However, there are 3 Mega Jackpots on sale at any one time – the current lottery and 2 future lotteries.

All tickets are automatically picked by the computer and are usually allocated sequentially, however 10 ticket numbers or less can be chosen at random.

Match any of your ticket numbers with the winning numbers in the current draw. Immediately after all prize winning ticket numbers have been drawn, one Jackpot ticket number is drawn. If the Jackpot ticket number has already won a cash prize other than a consolation prize in the same draw, then the Jackpot is won! If the Jackpot ticket number has not already won a cash prize (other than a consolation prize), then the Jackpot is not won and it increases by $235,000 in the next draw.

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