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Oz Lotteries Member Shares $40 Million Jackpot

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A massive $20,000,000 windfall has landed in country New South Wales after the $40,000,000 Oz Lotto draw – and it’s gone to an Oz Lotteries member! Congratulations to our newest Division 1 winner – a country builder in his thirties from a tiny town near Glen Innes.

The man was in complete shock when our CEO contacted him personally to break the news, and had trouble believing that it was actually happening. “I thought he was having a go!” he exclaimed. “I thought someone must have been joking.” It all became very real when he logged onto his Oz Lotteries account and checked his balance. “Usually I’d see $50 or $100, and then I saw all those zeroes. That’s when I started to shake! Very excited!”

The stunned winner played a 3-game Standard ticket which had been set to AutoPlay. “I did think the odds were a bit better, because you have to remember to go to the shop and buy the ticket every week. You have to worry that if you don’t, you’d miss the draw. This online thing I just set up and leave. I play 2-4 lines, and it’s not much. I just keep playing the same numbers and only three lines. How’s that for a strategy, eh?” he asked excitedly.

“It worked, didn’t it!” said the cheeky man.

Our handy AutoPlay feature means you’ll never miss a jackpot. You choose your numbers, games, ticket type – it’s completely customisable. You can even set a jackpot minimum if you only enter the big draws. Once you set up AutoPlay, we’ll continue to purchase your favourite tickets until you turn off the feature. It’s a great way to have control over your lotto strategy!

Our winner said he had never won anything close to this amount of money before. “The best thing I’ve ever won was a meat tray at the pub!”

He plans to use the money to take his house payments off his shoulders. But there’s also investment plans up his sleeve in order to set himself up. “I’ll buy myself a few investment properties, rent out a few places and earn some money, and I can quit my job too.” His long term goal? “Be smart and invest – not blow it!” He does plan to treat himself with a holiday “somewhere nice, like Europe or America.”

“How’s that other bloke doing?” he asked, referring to the other Division 1 winner from the $40,000,000 Oz Lotto draw, a man from Melbourne who also purchased his winning ticket online. “I was having a drink, celebrating with family, and I thought ‘how’s that other bloke that won?’ He’s gotta be pretty happy too. Good to know that someone else won and is also happy!”

When lottery officials contacted the second Division 1 winner to confirm that he was $20,000,000 richer, he said he had been waiting for that call “for a long, long time”.

“I’ve been in a state of flux all morning,” he said. “I’m still a bit numb and the reality of all the possibilities is still to come.” He explained how he had gone online and seen the results of the draw, but somehow missed the fact that his numbers had matched all seven winning numbers! “Someone’s won the bloody thing,” he thought, before checking his ticket more closely.

“$20 million is just off the charts!” he told lottery officials.

He said the life-changing windfall would open a “Pandora’s box of opportunities” but he would wait to see what life had in store for him. He indicated that the next step would be thoughtfully considered with some assistance from financial professionals. “I won’t be blowing the money, I can guarantee you that. I’ll be making sure that everyone is well looked-after for a long time and gets their dream.”

As for his own dream? “I could certainly become a full-time traveller now!” he said excitedly.

The winning numbers from Oz Lotto draw 1175 on the 23rd of August were 21, 5, 32, 15, 45, 36 and 1 plus supplementary numbers 31 and 9.

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Good luck!

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