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Oz Lotteries Member Is Saturday Lotto Millionaire

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It’s happened again! Lightning struck in the form of $1.3 million when an Oz Lotteries member from New South Wales won a Division 1 prize in the weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw.

The Saturday Lotto winner, a regular lotto player with Oz Lotteries, was one of three who shared the $4,000,000 jackpot. The prize money is sure to be cause for celebration for the lucky winner, a man in his sixties from North Parramatta. His winning System 7 ticket was purchased online from www.ozlotteries.com.

The second Saturday Lotto winner, a Victorian man, was driving on his way to work when he received a call from lottery officials. He pulled over immediately once he realised who was calling and was dumbfounded to receive the news that he was “an instant millionaire”.

“I’ve won $1.3 million! My godfather!” he exclaimed. The man is a regular lotto player who plays the same numbers each week, but hadn’t won more than $500 until this windfall.

His winning 24-game Quickpick was purchased from a local newsagency in the port city of Geelong, but the man explained that it wasn’t his usual store and that he had stopped there on his way home from work on Friday because it had “easy parking”.

When asked what he planned to do with the prize money, the man said he “[didn’t] have a clue” but would begin making some plans for the future.

Meanwhile on the other side of Port Philip Bay, a man from Frankston in his sixties was “ecstatic” to find he was the third and final Saturday Lotto winner. It wasn’t until he sat down on Sunday to check his 12-game Standard ticket that he recognised the winning numbers instantly – the same numbers he’d been playing for the past thirty years. But the news was hard to believe, so he “checked and re-checked” the numbers to ensure he hadn’t made a mistake.

Once lottery officials had confirmed his new millionaire status, the winner said he was “going to take it slowly”. There are some renovations and holidays planned, and he also intends to share the prize money with his family.

“What an incredible start to 2016!” he said.

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