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Oz Lotteries Lotto Party Winners in July Superdraw

Ozl Lotto Party Winners

The Superdraw on Saturday 31 July 2021 was a special day for many. There were ten Division 1 winning entries who are now sharing in the $20 Million Superdraw jackpot. Fortunately, Oz Lotteries customers took home some of the winnings, including 3 brothers who won with their Lotto Party ticket. 

3 Brothers Lotto Party Winners

Three brothers from New South Wales are in disbelief after their combined ticket led to a share in the $20 Million Superdraw. They had all contributed to a group Lotto Party on Oz Lotteries, which included the all-important winning Powerball numbers. They put in various amounts, ultimately buying a huge ticket to share. This ticket resulted in them winning over $2 Million! 

While the three brothers all contributed to the ticket, they had 1 joint entry through Oz Lotteries’ feature Lotto Party. Lotto Party lets an organiser invite their friends and family to join them in pooling their money to buy one larger group ticket. The cost of the ticket is shared and so are any winnings.

When the Oz Lotteries team spoke with one of the Lotto Party winners, they shared that it was their first ticket with us.

“This was my very first purchase with Oz Lotteries and it was super fun. So good!” 

He revealed it was another brother’s idea to play a Lotto Party ticket, despite no one in the family having played one before. They were used to just buying their own standard tickets. However, as the brothers learnt, by combining their money, they increase their chances of winning while sharing in the cost. Even better, they now get to share their newfound fortune!

While it’s still quite early, the family are excited to get their winnings. They have joked about opening a pizza shop called 3 Brothers, and maybe using the funds for investments. Whatever they choose, it will be so much sweeter with family by their side.

Superdraw Results

The July Superdraw was Saturday Lotto draw 4177. The Saturday Lotto results were:

Main numbers: 31 – 41 – 13 – 16 – 33 – 18
Supplementary numbers: 9 – 19

Not only is Oz Lotteries celebrating the Division 1 winning entry, but also three Division 2 wins for our customers! Each winner is taking home $12,005.05 for their 5 main numbers and supplementary number.

Congratulations to the lucky Superdraw and Lotto Party winners! 

Saturday Lotto - 5 Million

This Saturday $5 Million*

Entries Close:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec
Saturday Lotto - 5 Million

This Saturday $5 Million*

Entries Close:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

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