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Powerball Winners of $40m are Oz Lotteries Customers!

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May’s massive $40,000,000 Powerball jackpot draw saw not one, but two Oz Lotteries customers win Division 2! Draw 1150 on 31st May 2018 had a total of three Powerball winners with division 2, each taking home $167,657.

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We spoke to one of the winners, a woman from NSW. She said the day after the draw she was sitting with her son as she tried to log into her account. She said she had a feeling she had won, but her son was not convinced, responding with, “Yeah, Whatever!”

Despite her son’s lack of enthusiasm, the winning mother was still so nervous while logging into her online Oz Lotteries account – she got her password wrong three times before successfully logging in.

When the lucky mother finally managed to log into her account, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The prize money from her Division 2 win had already been paid into her Oz Lotteries account. She was at work when a member of our Customer Support team contacted her and she didn’t want to tell any of her colleagues about her win.

When asked how she planned to spend her winnings, she said she would probably invest in a house. Despite winning such a significant prize from a 6 x Standard game ticket, she confessed she could not help but think about how different it would be if she had picked the Powerball number or had purchased a PowerHit ticket.

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More Powerball winners!

Next, we spoke to the other Division 2 winner, a man from NSW. He joked and said, “A little more than the normal $15 prize”. The winner purchased a 50 game Standard ticket and won two prizes overall.

The last time Powerball reached $40,000,000 was in March 2018. Two lucky winners won Division 1, each taking home $20,000,000 in prize money. Read the story from one of the lucky Powerball winners.

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