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Oz Lotteries $20 Million Powerball Winner is Sick with...

Oz Lotteries 20 Million Powerball Winner 1

We’re celebrating today after one of our customers became an Oz Lotteries $20 Million Powerball winner! The winner is in shock after she learned her ticket was the only winning entry in the Thursday 7 April 2022 Powerball draw 1351. Our team spoke with her this morning to confirm the life-changing news.

NSW mother becomes $20 Million Powerball Winner

Our Oz Lotteries winner called through to our Customer Support team as soon as possible. She called through screaming, “I think I won the lotto last night!” 

The support team member was beyond excited to confirm the life-changing news for the caller. The caller was overjoyed and admitted, I’ve been throwing up all morning, not knowing if this was real or not”.

She revealed it had been an anxious morning after checking her ticket early the morning after the draw. In disbelief, she screamed out in her home and had her family come running. The winner’s daughter shared that she had been sick several times before calling! 

The down to earth mother was amazed and called her own mother, who lives in a rest home. Her mother was equally in disbelief, and could only say, “How many zeros is that?”

New millionaire looking forward to sharing with family

One thing is for sure, the winnings are going to a deserving person! The winner works in the production industry tirelessly for years to overcome challenges the family has faced. She shared that recently, their family dog has become extremely unwell and she has spent “thousands and thousands” on getting him well. 

While the new millionaire says that she doesn’t plan on changing anything about their lifestyle, she is looking to the future. She’s, “one of the proudest mums in the world,” and has set her mind on buying her children a house each. When asked if she had plans to spend the winnings on herself, she explained that she was excited to buy her first label handbag. 

Congratulations to our latest Oz Lotteries $20 Million Powerball winner! 

Powerball Results Draw 1351

The lucky ticket was the only winning entry in Powerball draw 1351 on Thursday 7 April 2022. To win, players must match all 7 main numbers and the Powerball.

Main numbers: 5, 30, 15, 3, 7, 10, 34

Powerball: 12

Powerball - 150 Million

This Thursday $150 Million

Entries Close:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec
Powerball - 150 Million

This Thursday $150 Million

Entries Close:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

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