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NSW Work Syndicate Wins $10,000,000 Oz Lotto!

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The last Oz Lotto draw of 2020 happened to be the lucky one for 30 NSW co-workers. Their work syndicate wins Oz Lotto $10,000,000 Division 1 prize!

The Oz Lotteries customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased the winning Oz Lotto System 9 ticket as part of a long-standing work syndicate he organises with 29 members.

With a total Division 1 prize pool of $10,589,191.66, each of the syndicate members will receive $365,144.54 in winnings.

When Oz Lotteries called the syndicate organiser, he was already aware of his syndicate’s luck, having checked the ticket first thing in the morning. 

The man mentioned that he was speechless for quite a while.

“It’s a strange feeling when your work syndicate wins Oz Lotto jackpot.” the man shared.

“First thing I did was call my wife. I’ve also already called one of the ladies in the syndicate just to make sure it was right.”

The organiser has been purchasing the lotto ticket for his workmates and emailing the ticket to them every week.

He pondered on how other syndicate members would react to the news of the win.

“I email the tickets every week and barely ever get a response. Don’t think they even look at them, to be honest – it’ll be a big shock. I reckon they will be pretty happy.”

The syndicate organiser went on to share about his own plans for  his share of the winnings:

“We’re not big spenders… I’ll probably whack it in the bank and… think about it.”

“I’m pretty boring I suppose. The most I’ve paid for a car is about $12k… we always save money and never had any toys like boats and vans and all that stuff. It is always good to have security.”

Oz Lotto Results

Winning numbers in Oz Lotto draw 1402 on Tuesday 29 December 2020 were: 29, 26, 8, 39, 35, 15 and 2, with supplementary numbers 32 and 43. There was a single winning Division 1 entry that took the entire jackpot – the work syndicate organised via Oz Lotteries website.

What is a System ticket?

Increase your chances of winning with a System ticket! This ticket type plays a wider range of number combinations, thus improving the odds. A System ticket allows you to play more numbers than the 7 numbers in a standard Oz Lotto game, covering all possible 7 number combinations of your 8 or more numbers.

The type of System you choose relates to how many numbers you want to play. For example, a System 9 gives you every combination of your 9 numbers equating to 36 games, and a System 12 gives you every combination of your 12 numbers equating to 792 games.

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