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Nineteen Megadraw Winners Share $30 Million

Megadraw Winners 2021 Hero

The $30 Million Saturday Lotto once a year event went off with a bang on 2nd January 2021 with 19 Division 1 Megadraw winners! The highly-anticipated draw is always held on the last Saturday or the year or the first Saturday of the new year. The draw landed each winner with over $1.5 million in prize money from the Division 1 pool. That made 15 new millionaires, plus a ticket shared between two friends and a nice boost for 44 syndicate players across 3 syndicates

Oz Lotteries members had their share of luck with two Division 1 winners and three Division 2 winners. As well as hundreds of winners across Divisions 3-6.

Check out the highlights from the Megadraw winners below.

This Saturday $20 Million*

Saturday Lotto - 20 Million

Megadraw Win a Lucky Break for VIC Woman

Megadraw Winners 2021 - Division 1 winner

A woman from Melbourne, had her luck turn in 2021, when she discovered she was one of the Megadraw winners. When Oz Lotteries called the winner, she was still struggling to believe her luck.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been a member with Oz Lotteries for a few years, playing occasionally, when big jackpots roll in. But, like many, had financial difficulty last year, and hasn’t played in a while.

“During our Christmas party, I was joking with a friend that we should purchase a ticket together.”

“We went halves on a ticket and did not expect to win, of course.”

She bought a Standard 50-game QuickPick ticket via her Oz Lotteries account.

“In the morning I saw my results, and was like, what does 6 dots on a number mean?!”

The winner was so shocked, she had to call her sister to double-check if she was reading the results right.

“Funnily enough, my sister did not believe me!”

The win was a god-send for the woman, who shared that 2020 has been a real struggle for her.

“I live at home with my parents and have a one-year-old. This money will go towards buying a home, and supporting me and my child to establishing our life.”

She confirmed that she already contacted her friend and shared the wonderful news.

“My friend has some debt and will be looking to buy a house as well.”

Happy New Year for NSW Winner

Another Oz Lotteries’ Megadraw winner was a woman from Sydney. The winner, who wishes to remain completely anonymous, was shocked beyond words when she received her winning call.

She wasn’t sure what she was going to do next, nor had any plans on what to do with her astonishing windfall. She said that she was going to call their family to share the news.

The woman won her $1.5 million Division 1 prize on Standard 24-game QuickPick ticket. This is one of the most popular ticket types that many lotto players choose.

NT Division 2 Winner Hi-Fives His Win

Megadraw Winners 2021 - Division 2 winner

Another Oz Lotteries’ Megadraw winner scored a combo win of several Divisions, including Division 2.

The man from Northern Territory is a long time member of Oz Lotteries and enjoyed playing online for a few years. He never misses big jackpots and special lotto events. Though this time he almost forgot to buy his ticket, as he was away on holidays.

“A mate of mine gave me a reminder to buy a ticket in the draw. Almost forgot cos I was going away.”

When the man received his winning call from Oz Lotteries, he shared he was still on the road when he found out of his win.

“I was driving from Cairns back to Darwin in a caravan with 3 kids under 5 years.”

“I thought it was a promo email. So good to find out the win is real! It was all hi-fives in this tiny servo near Darwin.”

The winner discovered he scored multiple prizes on his System 11 ticket including Divisions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 with a total win of over $20,000. A System ticket allows you to play more numbers than a Standard ticket. With System 11 ticket you select 11 numbers, and it would have every possible 6 number combination for these 11 numbers.

“We all put all the kids birthdays on our ticket. Our youngest one let us down as we were a number off Div 1! Ha-ha-ha!”

It was a first large win for the man, he’s shared that he’s only ever won $1,000 and less previously. He already had plans for his win.

“Me and the missus are going to put this into our savings account. We are planning to buy a house so this will definitely help!”

Megadraw Winners Across Australia

Almost every state had a lucky Megadraw winner this year. Victoria had most – six Division 1 winners. New South Wales players landed four winning entries. South Australia and Western Australia had three winners each. And there was one winner in Tasmania.

Megadraw Syndicate Winners

There were three winning Syndicate entries in Saturday Lotto Megadraw, all scoring a Division 1 prize.

Syndicates in Syndey, Melbourne and Brisbane enjoyed a slice of the $30 Million prize pool, resulting in an additional 44 players sharing in the win!

Millions of Winners in Megadraw

Megadraw Winners 2021 - Happy New Year!

In addition to the lucky Division 1 winners, the prizes in Divisions 2-6 totalled over $78 million! These winnings were shared between more than 4.2 million lotto players. Now that’s a bright start to 2021!

The winning numbers in $30 Million Megadraw, which was Saturday Lotto draw 4117 on 2 January 2021, were 7, 5, 16, 44, 14 and 17, with supplementary numbers 26 and 31.

Make sure you check your ticket! And don’t forget, there are more chances to win big this week with a $10 Million Saturday Lotto Special Event on Saturday 9 January 2021! Get your ticket online with Oz Lotteries.

Saturday Lotto - 20 Million

This Saturday $20 Million*

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