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New Features Now Available on Lotto Party!

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Have you tried our social lotto game Lotto Party yet? It’s the game that lets you purchase a bigger and better ticket for less – and all while sharing the fun with your friends! If you haven’t tried it, we have some exciting new features to get you started. And if you have, these features will make playing lotto with your friends even easier and more fun!

What is Lotto Party?

But first, let’s recap. Lotto Party is a syndicate game where you can play major Australian lotto games such as Powerball, Oz Lotto and Saturday Lotto with your mates. The game is available through the Oz Lotteries app (with plans to release on the Oz Lotteries website soon!) in all Australian states except Queensland. Playing Lotto Party allows you to purchase a lotto ticket with more numbers, which gives you more chances to win while sharing the cost between you and your friends. For example, for just $27 each with 10 friends, you’ll receive a $270 Powerball ticket with 200 sets of numbers. That’s 200 chances to win the jackpot! The best part is, if your ticket wins a prize, you split the win between you and your group, meaning if you win big, your friends or family win big too.

Why Play Lotto Party Instead of a Regular Syndicate?

Playing Lotto Party makes understanding and managing syndicates with your friends simple. There’s no need to collect money, purchase your ticket in-store, photocopy and distribute each ticket or manually divide winnings. With Lotto Party, organising your group, purchasing tickets, paying shares and receiving a win are all completed online, directly through the Oz Lotteries app. This means you can organise and manage your Lotto Party from your fingertips anywhere, at any time. Play with family members or friends who live interstate and grab a last-minute ticket in the draw after the newsagents have closed. And there’s no need to chase up your work colleague, Bryan who never pays his syndicate share! We’ll take care of that.

New Features on Lotto Party

And now for the exciting news! We’ve added 3 new features to Lotto Party to make managing and playing lotto with your friends even better. Check them out below:

Feature #1: Co-Organisers

Previously, Lotto Party groups could only have one organiser who was responsible for inviting members, creating tickets and managing the group. Now, your Lotto Party group can have multiple organisers! These Co-Organisers share the responsibility of the group and can invite their own friends to join.

Feature #2: Multi-Share

Want a bigger slice of the winnings? We’ve now made it easier to add multiple shares to your group. That means you can buy an extra (or a few extra!) shares to increase your potential payout.

Feature #3: Avatars

Interested in personalising your Lotto Party? You can now add a profile picture to do just that! This profile picture is used to represent you in your group and makes it easier to see who has joined your party.

How to Play

To play, download the Oz Lotteries app, set up an Oz Lotteries account (if you don’t have one already) and create a Lotto Party group. Once you’ve created the group, you can set up a ticket in an upcoming Oz Lotto, Powerball or Saturday Lotto draw and decide how much your group would like to contribute. You might choose a $10 share each or a $100 share each; it’s up to you! You can then send an invite to your friends, family, work colleagues or anyone you’d like to share a lotto ticket with. As more people join and contribute their share to the group, your ticket grows larger and your chances of winning increases!

Play Now

What do you think of the new features? We’d love to know! Create your next Lotto Party and let us know in the comments what you think. Happy playing!

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Powerball - 150 Million

This Thursday $150 Million

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