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Mystery Lotto Winners Leave Prize Money Unclaimed

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Could you be a mystery lotto winner? Four Australians have yet to come forward and claim their Division 1 prizes in December 2016. Combined, they’re leaving over $4.25 million in prize money unclaimed. Lottery officials are urging local players in the Brisbane suburb of Lutwyche, the Sunshine Coast town of Maroochydore, and the Melbourne suburbs of Officer and Docklands to check their tickets. You could be a winner!

First off the rank, the mystery Division 1 winner who has a $2,500,000 prize waiting for them! The winner purchased their winning Oz Lotto ticket from a local newsagency in Docklands. It was one of two that matched all 7 numbers in the $5,000,000 Oz Lotto draw on the 27th of December. Lottery officials have confirmed they know who the winner is. However, they have yet to be able to get in touch.

The second winner, also located in Victoria, has a prize worth over $757,000 waiting. Their TattsLotto ticket won a Division 1 prize in the $4,000,000 TattsLotto draw on the 24th of December. The winner purchased their winning ticket from a local newsagency in Officer. The ticket was one of six Division 1 winners in that draw.

The third winner hails from the Brisbane suburb of Lutwyche. With a cool $1,347,326.09 waiting for them, you wouldn’t want to wait! This lucky ticket holder won a Division 1 prize in the $31,000,000 New Year’s Eve Megadraw. The prize is the last of the Queensland winners waiting for a claim. Most, if not all, of the 22 other Megadraw winners across Australia were already known. The winning ticket was purchased from a local newsagency.

Finally, the fourth missing lotto winner from Maroochydore. They are the sole winner in the $1,000,000 Monday Lotto draw on the 19th of December. As such, they take home the entire $1,000,000 Division 1 prize. The winning ticket is from a local newsagency. Consequently, lottery officials are eagerly awaiting news of the winner.

What if it isn’t claimed?

In each state, there are different rules regarding how to claim prize money after some time has passed. In New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, players have up to six years to claim their winnings from the state lottery provider. After that time, the money goes to the state government. Lucky Queenslanders have even longer to claim their prize before it goes to the state government or for lotto promotional draws – seven years.

Victorians are lucky in that unclaimed prizes do not expire. However, after six months the prize is transferred to the state revenue office. From there winners can still claim their money. In contrast, South Australians have the least amount of time before unclaimed prizes are turned over to the state government and forfeited – 12 months. However, winners can file an ex gratia claim to attempt to retrieve their money.

Finally, in Western Australia, any prize money that you do not claim after 12 months will be also be forfeited. Forfeited prizes are transferred to the state government. Then, they become available for distribution for community funding purposes.

You could be Australia’s next millionaire! Official Australian lottery tickets are available online now and you can enter at any time up until the draw closes. Good luck!

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