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Two Monday Lotto Millionaires in a Matter of Weeks

Oz Lotteries has today celebrated its second Monday Lotto millionaire winner in a matter of weeks! Read how excited they were to become overnight millionaires!

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Monday and Wednesday Lotto has a new look!

Monday and Wednesday Lotto has changed to a new look Weekday Windfall game, with the addition of a third game on Friday. The first Weekday Windfall draw was on Monday 20 May 2024.

On Monday 27 November, Nicole from South Australia had the night of her life when she found out she had won $1,000,000 as the winning entry into Monday Lotto.

“I didn’t sleep all night last night!” a very excited Nicole told the Oz Lotteries team on Tuesday morning.

Whilst congratulating her on her win, Nicole told the team about her disbelief when she saw the winning ticket.

“My daughter was sleeping and I made her get up”

“I said Jess, you need to get up. Can you just check this! 

Having never won anything before, Nicole explained her winning ticket turned blue but she thought she was just looking at the numbers that had been drawn, when in fact she was actually looking at her winning ticket which perfectly matched the Monday Lotto results! 

An avid horse lover, Nicole and her daughter were extremely happy and plan to use the winnings to buy a farm in the Adelaide Hills.

Fast forward three weeks and last night Oz Lotteries has again made a Monday Lotto player a millionaire! Lorna from NSW woke on Tuesday morning to discover she had become an overnight millionaire.

As we countdown the days until Christmas it is clear that this year's celebrations will be extra special for these two lucky Oz Lotteries ladies!

December Monday Lotto Results

The winning numbers in Monday Lotto (draw no. 4348) on Monday 18 December were:

30, 20, 23, 40, 33, 26 with Supps 41 and 15.

Oz Lotteries sold the only Division 1 entry winning $1,000,000 and also sold two Division 2 winning entries with the winners walking away with $4,705.60 each.

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