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Megadraw Millionaires – Our Oz Lotteries Winner

Oz Lotteries Megadraw Winner

The New Year’s Eve $40 Million Megadraw was an exciting way to end 2021. It was also a particularly exciting draw for many lucky Australians who started 2022 as millionaires! There were seventeen Division 1 winners including one Oz Lotteries Megadraw winner. The Division 1 winners will share in the $40,000,000 prize pool, meaning each is taking home $2,352,941.18! Here’s some of the Megadraw winners stories and how they plan to use their winnings! 

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Australia’s 2021 Megadraw Winners

The special $40,000,000 Megadraw took place on New Year’s Eve – Friday 31 December, 2021. Draw 4221 was one of the biggest lottery events of the year, with 1 in 3 adults Australians grabbing their entry. Of the 17 Division One winning entries, 14 were overnight multi-millionaires, and 3 entries belonged to syndicates who will share their win.

There were winners from right across the country! 5 from NSW, 4 from QLD, and 2 each from ACT, VIC, SA, and WA!

The winning Megadraw numbers were 32, 14, 15, 8, 43, and 20, with supplementary numbers 35 and 31.

The now multi-millionaires have various plans for using their prize money. Many look forward to buying a new home, paying off debt, and helping their families.

Oz Lotteries Megadraw Winner

Our lucky Oz Lotteries Megadraw winner is from Greater Newcastle, New South Wales. Our team had the pleasure of speaking with the man to confirm the win. While some of the other winners found out immediately, our winner was completely unaware until later.

“I was actually on holiday camping, and I hadn’t checked it. I checked on my app and stared in absolute disbelief. Then I counted backwards to check the commas – I must’ve checked 10 times!”

Having been playing with Oz Lotteries for over 6 years, he admits he has always been hopeful of winning but that, It still is hard to believe. I’m still processing.”

Since learning about the win, he’s had some thought about how he’ll spend the winnings. “I think I’ll buy a weekender to go away with friends and family. I’m trying to process and think maturely about what to spend it on. It was a nice surprise to start the year with!”

WA’s Oz.Lotterywest Megadraw Winner

Oz.Lotterywest, powered by Oz Lotteries and Lotterywest, is an online reseller for WA Lotteries. It uses the same incredible system and team behind Oz Lotteries, with a website and app specifically for WA players. While the lottery provider may be different, Western Australia enters the same national draws, including Megadraw.

One Oz.Lotterywest player was among the Megadraw winners and is now $2.3 million richer! When speaking with the Oz.Lotterywest winner, he explained how he was, “still trying to come to terms with the win”.  While he would like to remain anonymous, the winner shared that he has been playing the same regular numbers for over 25 years! He admits to religiously checking his emails first thing in the morning, looking for the results. This time, he was shocked to discover the win and ran to share the news with his wife who cried tears of joy. They plan to use the winnings to start fresh and clear any debts. Congratulations! 

Even more Oz Lotteries winners

Oz Lotteries not only had a Divison 1 Megadraw winner but also nine Division 2 winners. These lucky players each took home $12,287.80. What a great way to jump into the new year! 

One of Oz Lotteries’ Division 2 winners had already withdrawn his prize money before our team could speak with him. He was overjoyed and said that he was, over the moon”. Like many others, he plans to use the funds to pay off debt and hopes to continue the lucky trend throughout 2022!

Congratulations to all the Megadraw winners!

Saturday Lotto - 5 Million

This Saturday $5 Million*

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