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Meet the lucky winner of The Deaf Lottery Australia...

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Can you imagine what it would be like to be told you had won the lottery? Now imagine how you would feel learning that you had won The Deaf Lottery Australia, with your choice of four luxury first prize options, each valued at $700,000! A life-changing event, all while supporting a good cause. Now that’s a dream come true!

For Mary* from Victoria, this dream became a reality. As the first prize winner of The Deaf Lottery Australia draw 175, she could pick one of the four luxury $700,000 first prize options. The prize choices included a brand new home & land packages from Metricon, a luxury car, a motorhome, or a choice of holidays, vehicles and cash/gold bullion. When the charity contacted Mary to let her know of her win, she was shaken.

“I think I need to sit down. I thought of it as a donation to a good cause.”

The kind winner has been The Deaf Lottery Australia supporter for nearly ten years! While every ticket sold has a chance to win, Mary always thought of it as a donation to support Deaf Services, which provide assistance to deaf and har do hearing Australian across all age groups. Mary won the first prize with a total of $700,000, she was not the only winner of the draw 175. There were another 124 supporters, who shared in additional $67,000 worth of prizes!

The Deaf Lottery Australia draw 177

The even better news? You now have your chance to change your life forever, just like Mary! The Deaf Lottery Australia draw 177 is here, with tickets from just $2.

Deaf Lottery Australia new draw and meet the winner of draw 175!

First Prize – Four Options – $700,000

OPTION 1: Mortgage Buster Lifestyle.
Win your dream car and celebrate financial freedom! Choose your desired car and enjoy the remainder of your winnings in gold bullion (maximum $650,000) and cash (maximum $20,000) to spend as you please!

OPTION 2: Getaway Lifestyle.
Choose a dream getaway package including a motorhome or caravan and 4WD of your choice. Then take the remainder of your winnings in gold bullion (maximum $600,000) and cash (maximum $20,000) to indulge your travelling lifestyle!

OPTION 3: Investment or Lifestyle.
Build your dream home on your own land! Or on a new lot as part of one of the packages offered by Metricon and its partners. Enjoy the remainder of your winnings in gold bullion (maximum $600,000) and cash (maximum $20,000) to spend your way!

OPTION 4: Design Your Own Lifestyle.
Design your own 1st Prize from any combination of motor vehicles, marine craft, travel vouchers, farm machinery, gold bullion (maximum $600,000) and cash (maximum $20,000). The choice could be all yours!

2nd-110th Prizes – $37,000

The total prize pool is valued at $767,000. 2nd prize is $5,000 cash. 3rd prize is $3,000 cash. 4th-5th prizes are $2,000 cash each. 6th-10th prizes are $1,000 cash each. 11th-110th prizes are $200 cash each.

With the opportunity to support Deaf Services, and a $700,000 prize on offer, you won’t want to miss this draw! There are 125 prizes to be won with the total prize pool valued at $767,000. Get your tickets now!

This Deaf Lottery Australia draw has now closed. However, you can always enter a charity lottery draw on Oz Lotteries for your chance to win a stunning prize and help support a great cause.

*Name changed to maintain anonymity.

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