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Meet The Deaf Lottery Winner of Draw 183!

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Convincing winners of their newfound fortune is often a challenge, and this was no different for the lucky Sophie*. The Deaf Lottery winner of draw 183, Sophie, turned her $10 into an incredible $850,000 by purchasing a ticket in the draw. She was over the moon and said, “you’ve made my dreams come true!”.

The deserving Sophie has been a supporter of The Deaf Lottery Australia for many years, with her winning ticket purchased on Christmas Eve!

Her 80-year-old uncle has supported The Deaf Lottery for over 30 years and she was looking forward to telling him the news. When Sophie told her uncle, “It was quite a moment when I told him. I would love to tell you the words he used, but you probably can’t print them!”.

With Sophie’s win, the Deaf Lottery winner was able to choose which prize would best suit her. She went for the Mortgage Buster, meaning she got her dream car, and the remaining in cash and gold. Sophie got her and her husband a brand new Volkswagen Tiguan!

Volkswagen Tiguan

Sophie and her husband can now enter their retirement years without stress. She mentioned “We sacrificed a lot, financially, for our sons’ education and we’ve been in debt when many people are retiring. We thought we may have to sell our house, but now we don’t have too!” 

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Congratulations to Sophie and her lovely family!

*Name changed to maintain anonymity

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