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Meet the Mater Prize Home Winners of Draw 307!

Congratulations to Mater Prize Home draw 307 winner, Mrs W from Morningside, QLD! The winner is now celebrating a $3.19 Million prize package with her family.

Mater Prize Home Winner Draw 307

Imagine receiving a life-changing phone call that you’ve won a home! Mrs W, the winner of Mater Prize Home draw 307, is one of the fortunate people who can share this as their experience. Her winning ticket number was 5286771.

During what was just any usual work-from-home day, received a phone call that has changed her destiny forever. After a run of hardship, the hope that their bad luck might change was not at the top of her mind. Luckily for Mrs W and her family, everything changed.

The Mater Prize Home winner admitted that it took some convincing for her to accept the truth that she had won the coveted first prize in Mater Prize Home’s draw 307. Having never won anything, it was hard to believe she had won an astounding $3.19 Million prize package! The prize included a home nestled in the picturesque Montville, Sunshine Coast, PLUS so much more. 

"I didn't believe a word of it. No possible way was I receiving first prize of a house and car. I didn't believe it at all, and it took a lot of convincing!"

The stunning, fully furnished hinterland home came complete with a Range Rover Evoque, ride-on mower, and a whopping $200,000 in cashable gold bullion. From months of hardship to a new home, car, and massive financial boost - it really was a dream come true. 

Now proud owners of their dream home, the winner and her family have fallen head over heels in love with the property.

"It's beyond belief, beyond a dream come true, beyond anything that I could have ever, ever thought of happening in my life. I love every part of it, every part."

Interestingly, the Prize Home winner nearly missed out on her tickets for this game due to some outdated details. Her luck changed when she decided to update her information, which ultimately secured her winning ticket.

The newfound ownership of the house has opened doors to opportunities that Mrs W and her family had only dreamt of before their incredible win.

"It has really allowed us to start living. This is my dream. This is my dream life."

When asked about her advice for others contemplating buying tickets in the Mater Prize Home, the winner was quick to share her advice. 

"Do it, do it, do it! It's the charity first and then there's obviously a chance for a life-changing experience as well... It happens. It happens to real people."

“My children were born at Mater. And they’re little miracles...we were very fortunate with ours and I’m always wanting to support those that are less fortunate.”

Congratulations once again to the lucky Mater Prize Home winner and her family! 

For your chance to win like Mrs W, make sure you get your tickets in the latest Mater Prize Home draw with Oz Lotteries now.

Tuesday, 20 August 2024

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