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Endeavour Foundation Lottery Winners Stunned!

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What would you do if you were told you had won an Endeavour Foundation lottery million-dollar waterfront home? First of all – scream? Certainly, cry? Maybe even laugh? Or twirl around in a dance of joy?  The lucky winner of Prize Home draw 412 was shocked and speechless.

When John received the winning phone call from the Endeavour Foundation lottery representative, he felt “his heart’s twittering”!

“I just thought it was someone wanting to borrow money from me!” John later said.

Finally, after some time digesting, John could give the good news to his wife Beverly. The couple Far North Queensland were ecstatic to learn they were able to relocate to their new luxury Sunshine Coast home and finally escape the sweltering heat that they endured for eight month of each year. They eagerly welcomed the change of lifestyle in their new waterfront haven.

Endeavour Foundation lottery - Prize Home draw 412

“To infinity and beyond!” John and Beverly cheered.

The couple are now looking forward to their new life and said they are as keen as ever to continue to support the Endeavour Foundation.

Support a Good Cause

Endeavour Foundation is a diverse community-driven, non-profit organisation. Above all, they work with people with disabilities to gain opportunities and abilities. Whether it’s helping to find accommodation, education or employment, Endeavour Foundation offers their help.

Approximately 40% of funds are raised through community generosity and Endeavour Foundation Lottery draws.

Endeavour Foundation lottery - Support people with disabilities

This is your chance to support the work of Endeavour Foundation. Get your tickets for the current Endeavour Foundation draw at Oz Lotteries.

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