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Meet the Lucky Lotteries Winners!

2017.07.04 Lucky Lottery Winners

Wouldn’t it be great to win the lotto? Luckily, we have had plenty of Lucky Lotteries winners! The games are attractive as both Mega Jackpot and Super Jackpot offer games with great chances to win.

In June 2017, one Oz Lotteries customer won $100,000 in Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot. Mr K from NSW said he first learnt he had won from reading his email. Naturally, he was shocked, but he also didn’t think it was real, as he couldn’t believe he’d won that much money. So he asked his wife Mrs K to read the email, and she didn’t believe it either! After talking to Oz Lotteries Customer Support team to reassure that the email was real and the money was viewable in his Oz Lotteries account. He said it was a very welcome surprise and is looking forward to moving the money to his bank account. What a life changer. With that amount of money, the winner could pay of a big chunk of him mortgage and still plan the trip of a lifetime.

The difference between Lucky Lotteries and other lotto games such as Oz Lotto and Saturday Lotto, is that you hold a raffle ticket with unique numbers. This means if your ticket number is a winner, you keep 100% of the prize – no sharing!

In 2016, a lady from Sydney burst into tears upon hearing she had won $100,000 in Lucky Lotteries. The news was too much for the young mother as she had just gotten home from a long day of work. She said the money would be a “huge relief” in helping her pay off her mortgage.

Another winner, on the same day, was a man from Cairns. He said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he checked the Lucky Lotteries results online and realised he held the winning raffle ticket. “I just sat there staring at the computer screen!”. The man had won smaller prizes over the years playing Lucky Lotteries, but this was by far the biggest prize he’d ever won. When asked how he planned to spend the money, he answered “wisely”. Clever man. But he did admit he had a few things to tick off his “wishlist”.

In October 2015, an Oz Lotteries customer from the Newcastle region won $200,000. He received winning confirmation via email, but didn’t notice the money sitting in his account. It finally sunk it when he logged into his Oz Lotteries account to play Saturday Lotto. When he spotted his account balance he thought the computer was playing up! A call to Oz Lotteries support team confirmed there was no computer glitch. He is the winner of $200,000 in Lucky Lotteries! “I was shocked” the winner said. “Never seen that much money in me life!”.

The small business owner said he now believed that winning could happen to anyone “when you least expect it”. He said the win will be “life changing”! Also, that the prize winnings would help he and his partner save for retirement. He also planned to “take a holiday to Queensland” as he likes the idea of “keep[ing] the money in the country.”

The player was happy with his experience with Oz Lotteries. Similarly, telling our staff that “it is so convenient and easy” to play online. He said he would continue to purchase Lucky Lotteries tickets on Oz Lotteries’ website after the win.

For your chance to win like these lucky players, get your tickets on Oz Lotteries now!

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