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Lotto Tips and Tricks

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Experienced lotto players use various techniques in order to improve their chance of getting a prize, if not to make the game more interesting. The following lotto tips and tricks are designed to increase your chances of winning the next $21,000,000 Superdraw by simply making it easier for you to play more combinations of standard games. We’ve also collected statistics from every Saturday Lotto draw in 2015 to discover the current “hot” and “cold” numbers.

Lotto Systems

Simply put, a system allows you to pick more than just the allowed 6 numbers for each lotto game. For instance, a “System 7” allows you to pick 7 numbers, while a “System 8” allows you to pick 8 numbers, and so on. The highest amount of numbers you can pick is 20 which is a “System 20”.

In a System, your entry is equivalent to playing every possible 6-number combination from your selected numbers. For instance, if you played a System 8 (which has 28 possible combinations), your entry is equivalent to playing all 28 possible combinations of 6 numbers from your 8 selections

You can play a System entry from our available games below:

If you play Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday Lotto you are eligible to play Lotto Strike as well, so you have another way to win. To enter, you must first add a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday Lotto entry to your basket.

Lotto Syndicates

A Syndicate is a group of people who pool their money together in order to play as many lotto entries as possible. When an entry played by the group wins, the prize is shared equally among all the members of the Syndicate. Players in a syndicate get an instant increase in their chances of winning because each one is playing a larger entry offering more games and more chances to win.
OzLotteries.com offers different commercial syndicates you can join. We take care of dividing all costs and winnings among Syndicate members, all you need to do is sign up.

You can choose an Oz Lotteries Saturday Lotto Syndicate to join by clicking here.

Super Combos

A Super Combo entry lets you enter more number combinations than a standard game entry, but does not cover all possible number combinations of a selected set of numbers like a Systems entry would.

Each type of Super Combo has a different combinatorial design that will result in a different pattern of number combinations. Please refer to the individual Lotto game descriptions for the available Super Combos as well as their accompanying examples of number combinations generated:

PowerHit Lotto

PowerHit is a Powerball-only entry which increases your chances of winning a Powerball game by automatically playing every possible Powerball number as part of a Standard or System entry.

Click the PowerHit option below to add a PowerHit to your cart now: 

Today – 9:27 am $10 Million

Powerball - 10 Million

Hot Numbers

Some lotto players analyse statistics from previous draws to try to predict which numbers will be drawn next. Although every single number is randomly drawn, there are certain numbers which appear more often than others, known as “hot numbers”, while seldom appearing numbers are “cold numbers”.

The most popular Saturday Lotto main numbers in 2015 so far are:

  • 24 (appeared 7 times)
  • 16 (appeared 5 times)
  • 18 (appeared 4 times)
  • 30 (appeared 4 times)
  • 33 (appeared 4 times)
  • 41 (appeared 4 times)
  • 42 (appeared 4 times)
  • 44 (appeared 4 times)

The least popular Saturday Lotto main numbers in 2015 so far are:

  • 8 (appeared 0 times)
  • 28 (appeared 0 times)
  • 31 (appeared 0 times)
  • 32 (appeared 0 times)
  • 2 (appeared 1 time)
  • 20 (appeared 1 time)
  • 22 (appeared 1 time)
  • 23 (appeared 1 time)
  • 36 (appeared 1 time)
  • 38 (appeared 1 time)

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