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Life Changing Moment For Endeavour Foundation Winner!

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Meet the winner of the Endeavour Foundation winner of draw 411, Barbara. She discovered she was now a homeowner of a million dollar home! It was a moment that she would never forget.

On the Wednesday before Christmas 2017, Barbara had started to feel unwell. “I started work at 7 the next morning and by 9:30 I was telling my boss I wasn’t feeling too well. I had paramedics on my doorstep to take me straight to emergency, where I found out I had had a heart attack the day before.” While Barbara was getting an echocardiogram, her phone was constantly buzzing. That call was about to change her life.

When Barbara was finally able to answer the call she couldn’t believe who it was. It was a representative of Endeavour Foundation telling her that she had won. First prize was a $1.2 million dollar retreat home on the Sunshine Coast. “I burst into tears straight away at the call. I couldn’t stop blubbering.”

Endeavour Foundation winner Barbara entering her new home!

The stunning living room and kitchen of the home.

At the time of the news breaking, our Endeavour Foundation winner was unsure if she would return to work. The news had brought financial stability for Barbara and her family – it truly was a Christmas that she and her family would never forget.

Support a Good Cause

Endeavour Foundation is a diverse community-driven, non-profit organisation. They work with people with disabilities and help give them the ability to live life to the fullest. Whether they need support moving into a new home, or to receive qualifications that could help fulfil individual goals or finding employment.

Many Australians live with a disability. People over the age of 70 years have the highest occurrence of disabilities, with the majority needing support with mobility and home maintenance. On the opposite end of the age scale, 8.3% of children 5 to 14 years of age are affected by a disability.

In addition to government funding, approximately 40% of their funding is raised through charity and community generosity.

This is your chance to support the tireless work of Endeavour Foundation! Endeavour Foundation Lottery tickets are available online from OzLotteries.com.

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