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Introducing RSPCA Lottery on Oz Lotteries!


It’s a charity we all know and love – RSPCA! They are Australia’s oldest, largest and most trusted animal welfare charity. Their goal is providing care and compassion to animals in need. And now they’re giving you the chance to support a great cause and win great prizes in the RSPCA Raffle lottery!

The RSPCA lottery is run to raise money to help fund the important work they do. Each year, support from the public helps RSPCA care for more than 120,000 animals!


RSPCA supports over 120,000 animals every year!

Found as a young stray, Abby was timid and easily startled. But with some love and attention, she is one of the sweetest dogs the vets had ever had the pleasure to meet.

Support from RSPCA fundraising allowed for the purchase of everything Abby needed, including her kennel, food, and vet care. Under the capable hands of RSPCA staff and volunteers, Abby received all medical treatment that she needed. Then over to the RSPCA volunteer foster program, which gave Abby the opportunity to live in a home environment comfortably. All until the fateful day she was ready to be adopted to her forever home.

Thanks to fundraising such as the RSPCA Raffle Lottery, and some hard work from caring staff and volunteers, Abby was saved and now lives happily with her family.

Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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Your impact

Here’s how your support helps RSPCA:

  • Bed and food for a kitten – $20
    $20 provides an unwanted kitten with a bed, litter tray, meals, and a toy.
  • Kennel and food for 2 dogs – $60
    $60 provides a kennel, bath, meals, and toys for 2 surrendered dogs.
  • Animal cruelty inspectors – $100
    $100 helps keep animal cruelty inspectors on the road
  • Desex abandoned kitten – $150
    This helps an abandoned kitten so it can become available for adoption.
  • Vaccinations and microchips – $200
    Provides vaccinations and microchips for animals in remote and regional areas.
  • Veterinarian services – $250
    $250 helps keep emergency veterinarian services on the road.

Support and win

For as little as $5 you can chip in to support RSPCA great work, and also give yourself the chance to win a share in over $182,000 in awesome prizes! You could win one or MORE prizes including cars, holiday packages, gift cards and cashable gold bullion!

Win a car, win a holiday, win gold and more!

Get your RSPCA Raffle tickets on Oz Lotteries today.

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