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Oz Lotteries Syndicates Increase Your Odds!

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There’s a new and improved range of Oz Lotteries Syndicates for you to play! If you’ve ever wondered how you can increase your odds of winning Powerball, Oz Lotto, Saturday Lotto, or Monday and Wednesday Lotto without spending more on your tickets, Syndicates are your answer.

How do Syndicates work?

Syndicates let you share the cost of lotto tickets with other players so that you can play more games for less. Playing more games with a greater combination of numbers increases your chance of winning. If your Syndicate wins, the prizes are shared equally among all the Syndicate players – including yourself!

Everyone dreams of winning the lotto, and as you may be aware that the more chances that you want to win, the more games you need to buy. This can become quite costly! Purchasing 100 games in Oz Lotto would cost you $145. But what if there was a way that you could purchase multiple games – giving you more chances to win and not have to spend to extra money for your chance to win? Thanks to Oz Lotteries Syndicates – now you can.

Syndicates let you team up with other people and gives you a much greater chance of the winning the jackpot.

Oz Lotteries has a range of Syndicate options that suit any budget. Plus with a greater combination of numbers at a lower cost, as a group you could increase your chances of winning!

Our Syndicates are split into 10 shares at various costs per share depending on the group’s nominated tickets. This gives you more choices to balance a) how much you wish to spend, b) how many chances of winning you want, and c) how large your expected share of the winnings will be.

What happens when you join a Syndicate?

Because most Oz Lotteries Syndicates play System tickets, if your Syndicate wins, you can win more than once! This is because a System ticket allows you to play more numbers than a Standard one, providing you with an entry covering every possible combination of the numbers you have chosen. For example, if you matched just 4 of your 12 numbers on a System 12 ticket you would win Division 6 a total of 56 times.

Oz Lotteries manages each Syndicate so you don’t have to worry about collecting money from other players or disputes over how the winnings are shared. Each player pays for their share and once all shares of a Syndicate are filled, the group’s nominated tickets are confirmed and purchased.

Then, every player who has a share in your Syndicate receives an email with details of the lotto numbers your group’s tickets will play in your chosen draw.

After the draw, we send you a results email that lets you know if your Syndicate has won a prize. If your Syndicate has won, Oz Lotteries divides the prize up equally between all shares and deposits the funds into each player’s account. If you have purchased more than one share in the group’s ticket, you’ll also win more than one share of the winnings!

Is there a quick way to understand Syndicates?

Absolutely! There are just three main points to remember when it comes to Oz Lotteries Syndicates:

Choose a Syndicate to join

Join a Syndicate by purchasing your shares in the group’s nominated tickets. Once all shares are purchased, we purchase the tickets on the group’s behalf.

Wait for your results

After the draw, we score your group’s tickets and email each Syndicate player the results individually. There is complete transparency at every stage.

Receive any winnings

If the numbers played by your group’s ticket win, we divide the winnings between each share and pay them directly into each Syndicate player’s Oz Lotteries account.

Choose an Oz Lotteries Syndicate!

Choose from multiple Syndicates for each of the major lotto games – Oz Lotto, Powerball, Saturday Lotto, Monday Lotto, and Wednesday Lotto. Good luck!

Oz Lotto Syndicates

Small – 200 Games

200 x standard games worth $290 (10 shares) – Only $29 per share

Medium – 330 Games

330 x System 11 games worth $478.50 (10 shares) – Only $47.85 per share

Large – 792 Games

792 system 12 games worth $1,148.40 (10 shares) – only $114.84 per share

X-Large – 1716 Games

1716 system 13 games worth $2,488.20 (10 shares) – only $248.82 per share


Oz Lotto - 8 Million

This Tuesday $8 Million

Entries Close:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

Powerball Syndicates

Small – 200 Games

10 x PowerHit worth $270 (10 shares) – $27

Medium – 330 Games

System 11  worth $445 (10 shares) – $44.55

Large – 792 Games

System 12 worth $1,069.20 (10 shares) – $106.92

X-Large – 1716 Games

System 13 worth $2,316.60 (10 shares) – $231.66


Powerball - 20 Million

Next Thursday $20 Million

Entries Close:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

Saturday Lotto Syndicates

Small – 200 games

200 x standard games worth $180 (10 shares) – $18

Medium – 462 games

System 11 worth $415.80 (10 shares) – $41.58

Large – 924 games

System 12 worth $831.60 (10 shares) – $83.16

X-Large – 1716 games

System 13 worth $1,544.40 (10 shares) – $154.44 per share


Saturday Lotto - 20 Million

This Saturday $20 Million*

Entries Close:0 Hrs0 Min0 Sec

Understand Lottery Ticket Types

You may be confused about the different types of games that are available. Below is a breakdown of the different type of game types.


A standard game refers to each standard line of numbers you select for each lotto game. Each standard game of 6 numbers offers you a chance of winning one prize. You also have the ability to select your own numbers or QuickPick (auto-fill) each game.


A system allows you to play more numbers than a standard entry providing you with an entry covering every combination of the numbers you have chosen. This type of entry allows players to increase their chances of winning a prize by playing a wider range of number combinations.


PowerHit ticket increases your chance of winning Powerball by automatically playing every possible Powerball number. You’ll choose 7 numbers from 1 to 35 and the computer will use these numbers across 20 games – one for every possible Powerball number.

Ready to try Syndicates? Get your share at Oz Lotteries here.

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