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Unclaimed Powerball – the Hunt is on for the...

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One lucky southeast Queensland ticket holder is the winner of the unclaimed Powerball Division 1! A jackpot totalling $10,658,989,09!

The Powerball winner had the main winning numbers in draw 1123. They were 39, 17, 36, 35, 27 and 33, with the magic Powerball number 7.

The hunt is now on to find the mystery ticket-holder and deliver the dreams-do-come-true news that they are now a multi-millionaire. The winning ticket was purchased from a local newsagency in Springwood. Therefore, there is no way to contact the winner. It could be possible that the winner’s ticket may have been placed somewhere for safekeeping. Perhaps in a wallet, the car glovebox or it may even be hiding in plain sight on the fridge door. If you purchased a ticket into the draw, there are 10 million reasons to check and recheck your tickets.

Could you be the unclaimed Powerball winner?

Playing lotto online eliminates the possibility of missing prizes, as all major winners are contacted by Oz Lotteries. Plus, all prizes are then paid directly into your online account. Winning! At the time of publishing this story, the winner has not yet come forward to claim their prize.

Since 2014, there has been more than $5.7 million in unclaimed prizes across Queensland alone. How can this happen, you might ask? Lottery officials say they have heard all the excuses in the book – “I spilled coffee on it, threw it in the bin by mistake, the dog ate it, my ticket went through the wash, it blew out the car window, I left it in the carry bag and threw the bag out”.

Fortunately, they added, it is rare for a Division 1 prize to remain unclaimed for a long period of time.

Could you be the lucky mystery winner?

But can I really be a Powerball winner?

For many, the thought of winning Division 1 is something that they dream about and hope for. In contrast, for others, they feel like it will never happen to them so why try. Winning Division 1 does happen as the most recent $10 million Powerball winner has just found out. You can read more about our winners in our Lotto Winners section of our blog.

Registering and purchasing your lotto entries online means that any prize won is registered to your name. Even more, you could also be receiving a call from one of our Customer Support team members giving you the amazing news that you are a Division 1 winner.  Get your tickets online now.

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