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$70 Million Powerball – How Would You Spend It?

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The new year is barely a week old and the Powerball jackpot is already sky high! If you’re feeling those post-holiday blues, wishing you were somewhere else, or simply just want to make 2016 the best year of your life, make sure you get your ticket in the $70 Million Powerball draw. Only you have the power to change it all!

Needless to say, $70,000,000 is a life-changing sum. We want to know how you would divvy up the prize money if you won. If you had to divide $70,000,000 into the following categories, how would your pie chart appear?

Would you rather…

  • Buy or pay off a home
  • Take care of your family financially
  • Make some investments
  • Donate to charity
  • Start your own business
  • Travel to your dream location
  • Just keep living

Would you give 90% to charity and keep 10% to just keep living? Do you feel you could make the world a better place with your winnings? Plenty of lottery winners have dedicated their winnings and their lives to enriching others’.

Would you give 90% to charity if you won $70 Million Powerball?

How about 5% to investments, 45% percent to family, and 50% to your business? Grow your business and make your family’s lives better by setting them up for the future. You could start a business or finally act on plans you just didn’t have the budget for. Have the chance to do what you’ve always wanted!

Would you give 45% percent to family if you won $70 Million Powerball?

You could put 50% to your home and 50% to travel. If you have the urge to just drop everything and travel the world, then $70 Million is everything you’ve been waiting for. Plus, feel comfortable in knowing you have the ability to resettle when you’re ready.

Or would you spend half on travel if you won the $70 Million Powerball?

The combinations are endless but one thing is for sure – your life would never be the same if you won the $70 Million Powerball!

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