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How to Play Wednesday Lotto Online

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Monday and Wednesday Lotto has a new look!

Monday and Wednesday Lotto has changed to a new look Weekday Windfall game, with the addition of a third game on Friday. The first Weekday Windfall draw was on Monday 20 May 2024.

This handy guide has been created to tell you everything you need to know about how to play Wednesday Lotto. In this article, we’ll take you through some frequently asked questions about Wednesday Lotto as well as how to increase your chances of winning. Read on to discover how you could become a millionaire with Wednesday Lotto!

What is Wednesday Lotto?

Wednesday Lotto (also known as Gold Lotto in Queensland and Wednesday X Lotto in South Australia) is a nationwide lottery game with a guaranteed minimum Division 1 prize pool of $1 million available for up to 4 winners each week! The draw takes place every week on a Wednesday.

How to play Wednesday Lotto

If you’re wondering how to play Wednesday Lotto, you have several options depending on your preference and budget. 

Here’s how to play Wednesday Lotto in 4 easy steps:

1. Decide how you want to play Wednesday Lotto

There are a number of different ways you can choose how to play Wednesday Lotto. You can choose from a Standard entry, System entry, Syndicate entry or a Super Combo entry.

2. Choose your numbers

You need to choose a total of 6 numbers.

3. Purchase your ticket

You can purchase your Wednesday Lotto ticket online or through the Oz Lotteries mobile app. 

4. Enter the draw

Make sure you enter before Wednesday at 7:25pm AEST/8:25pm AEDT.

With Wednesday Lotto, you also get to decide how often you’d like to play. You can choose to play as a one-off game, for a few draws, or every week — it’s your choice. You can also choose to set up AutoPlay so that you never miss a draw.

Different types of Wednesday Lotto games

You can choose exactly how to play Wednesday Lotto. These are the four different entry types you can choose from: 

Standard entry

A Standard game is the easiest way to play for most people, and gives you 6 numbers per game. With a Standard entry, you can choose to play a QuickPick or select your own numbers. A QuickPick allows you to choose how many games you play, but the numbers are generated randomly for you. Your other option is to choose your own numbers, where you can select birthdays, anniversaries or other numbers that are special to you. 

System entry

With a System entry, you’re able to play more than the standard 6 numbers. You can choose 7 to 20 numbers, which gives you more chances to win as well as the chance to win across multiple divisions. 

Syndicate entry 

A Syndicate entry is made up of 10 shares. You can buy one or more shares in a Syndicate ticket. The cost of the ticket is split up between the players, which gives you more chances to win for less. If the syndicate wins, the prizes are shared equally among the syndicate shares.

Super Combo entry

This is an exclusive Oz Lotteries ticket that lets you play more numbers, across as many games as you want (up to 200). A Super Combo entry gives you the best of both a Standard entry and a System entry. You can choose from 10 to 45 numbers and then select how many games you’d like to play. Your selected numbers are then randomly combined across your games.

Where do I buy Wednesday Lotto?

You can purchase a ticket from the Oz Lotteries website or from our free Oz Lotteries app. You can play Wednesday Lotto for just $2.80 for 4 games.

How do I win Wednesday Lotto?

Every Wednesday, 6 main numbers and 2 supplementary numbers are randomly selected from a pool of 45 balls, with numbers 1 to 45. The first 6 balls drawn are the winning numbers. The final two balls are the supplementary numbers. 

You need to match all 6 of your numbers to the six winning numbers of the draw to win the top prize (Division 1). To win the lowest Division prize (Division 6) you need to match at least 1 of your numbers plus 2 supplementary numbers to the winning numbers. The winning combinations for each division are:

Division Winning Combination
Division 1 6 winning numbers
Division 2 5 winning numbers + 1 supplementary number
Division 3 5 winning numbers
Division 4 4 winning numbers
Division 5 3 winning numbers + 1 supplementary number
Division 6 1 winning number + 2 supplementary numbers

How do I claim my prize?

Oz Lotteries will automatically deposit your prize into your Oz Lotteries online account the day after the draw. This means there’s no need to claim in person, making it even easier to play Wednesday Lotto and collect your winnings. You can then withdraw any winnings via direct deposit, Paypal or cheque. All winnings are paid into your account as a tax-free lump sum.

When does the Wednesday Lotto draw close?

Entries close every Wednesday at 7:25pm AEST/8:25pm AEDT. You need to make sure you enter the draw before this time. 

What time is Wednesday Lotto drawn?

Wednesday Lotto is drawn every Wednesday evening at 8:30pm AEST/9:30pm AEDT.

How can I watch the Wednesday Lotto draw?

The draw is broadcast on 7TWO at approximately 8:30pm AEST/9:30pm AEDT every Wednesday night. You can also live stream the draw online on the 7plus website

How can I check Wednesday Lotto results?

All Oz Lotteries customers can choose to receive the latest draw results straight to their inbox. You can also check your ticket or search past Wednesday Lotto draws on the Oz Lotteries website or app. All winners are always notified by Oz Lotteries.

You could win big with Wednesday Lotto

Now that you know how to play Wednesday Lotto, are you ready to enter for your chance to win? Get your Wednesday Lotto tickets on the Oz Lotteries website or Oz Lotteries app now.

Wednesday Lotto & Monday Lotto

Update for Monday and Wednesday Lotto has changed to a new look Weekday Windfall game, with the addition of a third game on Friday. The first Weekday Windfall draw was on Monday 20 May 2024.

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