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How Does It Feel To Win $30 Million Powerball?

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You might be wondering how you could win $30 Million Powerball given the challenging odds. Well, take heart – for these three past winners, the dream became a reality. These three ordinary people became multi-millionaires instantly after matching all six winning numbers plus the all-important Powerball. So how exactly does it feel to win $30,000,000 Powerball?

Meet The Winners

First Winner

A woman from the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales was the only lucky player to clinch the $30,000,000 Powerball prize on April 2nd this year– and the news was “a total shock”.

Her winning Super Combo Powerhit System 7, purchased on her mobile from OzLotteries.com, brought her over $30,000,000 across multiple divisions. After checking her email inbox to find a message from Oz Lotteries notifying her of the Division 1 win, the woman “screamed” to her husband that they might have won lotto. You can read more about this excited Powerball winner here.

Second Winner

Another $30 million Powerball jackpot was won by a single player in October 2013. Unnervingly, the winner remained unidentified for an entire week.

When the mystery Innaloo woman eventually came forward, she was totally unaware of the media attention that surrounded the search for the missing winner. She had been on holidays and hadn’t checked her Powerball ticket against the winning numbers from the draw.

Overwhelmed, she put the ticket away and tried to forget about it for a few hours. “Excitement and shock” set in after triple-checking that she was indeed the missing winner. “I just kept thinking ‘This is $30 million! I’m a multi-millionaire!’”

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Third Winner

A Frankston retiree also experienced the shock of becoming instantly wealthy in May 2007 when he scooped the entire $30,000,000 Powerball jackpot. His six winning numbers plus the Powerball were picked at random from a local newsagency and left him flabbergasted at the result.

He had been listening to the draw on the radio with his wife and misheard the numbers as they were read out, mistaking “two five” for “twenty-five”. Once he realised that he held all six winning numbers plus the Powerball, he “just couldn’t believe it.”

“I managed to sleep for a couple of hours… my wife couldn’t,” he said. “It wasn’t until I received the telephone call [to confirm] that I knew it was for real.”

The common reactions to winning such large sums of money include shock, disbelief, panic, elation, and a multitude of disconcerting and confusing emotions. This can be a turbulent time – who do you tell? How do you receive your windfall? Do you pay taxes on it? It takes careful consideration and planning to make the most of a lottery win, especially one as large as $30,000,000.

How to Win Powerball

If you’re interested in knowing more about the game, you can read how to play Powerball here. This will help answer your frequently asked questions and give you some tips!

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