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Four Oz Lotteries Customers Win Saturday Lotto

Oz Lotteries Customers Win

It’s something every lotto player dreams of – winning the lottery! But do Oz Lotteries customers win? Yes! Recently, over a period of just 5 weeks, we had four Saturday Lotto Division 1 winners from across Australia.

We caught up with some of the recent Saturday Lotto winners to learn more about their win an what they plan to use their funds on.

This Saturday $5 Million*

Saturday Lotto - 5 Million

Oz Lotteries Customers Win with Saturday Lotto!

Draw 4081, Saturday 29 August 2020

The streak of winners began with a player from Victoria. She has been playing lotteries with Oz Lotteries for over 7 years and knew the old saying was true.

“Well, I like the theory that you have to be in it to win it!”

Incredibly, she won a Division 1 prize of $555,248.73 and a further Division 5 prize, boosting her total winnings to $55,271.23.

After realising she had won, the winner was in shock and told her boyfriend and calling her mum to tell her the great news. With her windfall, the winner is looking at buying a home and is excited for her new financial freedom.

Draw 4087, Saturday 19 September 2020

Our next lucky Saturday Lotto winner is an Oz Lotteries customer from WA, who has been playing with us for over 2 years. He played just 18 standard games and won the Division 1 prize of $740,461.20.

The Division 1 winner was at home with his wife the night of the draw. She was checking the Lotto results on her tablet and told the lucky man that she thought he had won. At first he was suspicious of the win and repeatedly checked and rechecked the results with his wife.

“We both checked it and the numbers matched, we couldn’t sleep!”

The man shared that he had won smaller prizes in the past but never anything this large. He knew you could win online, as another local in his area had won.

When we asked what he planned to spend the winnings on, he was clear. The winner will use his prizes to pay off his mortgage and help out his kids financially.

Draw 4091, Saturday 3 October 2020

We didn’t just have 1 Division 1 millionaire winner in Saturday Lotto draw 4091 – we had two millionaires! Interestingly, both winners were from NSW. Their winning numbers earned them an amazing Division 1 prize of $1,226,293.97 each!

One winner was stunned after rolling over in bed and seeing the results of his ticket. He was overjoyed and relieved, sharing that it feels great to know his young family are now going to be right. With his new millionaire status, the winner looks forward to buying a house and “laying low”.

The other Saturday Lotto winner chose to remain completely anonymous with their win but mentioned that he was in disbelief after discovering the results while in bed on Sunday morning. That’s one great way to wake up!

While both Oz Lotteries customers won Division 1, they had different tickets. One winner played just 18 standard games, while the other played 50 standard games. They were also different in that one player had been an Oz Lotteries customer for over 2 years, while the other has only been playing with us for since March. It goes to show – no matter what you play, you just need to be in it to win it!

Your chance to win

If you want the chance to win big like these Oz Lotteries customers, make sure you buy your Saturday Lotto ticket in the next Saturday Lotto draw.

Plus, with new changes to Saturday Lotto, there are better odds of winning a prize and an even bigger $5 million Division 1 prize pool! Head over to our Saturday Lotto blog to find out more!

Saturday Lotto - 5 Million

This Saturday $5 Million*

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