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Powerball Winner of $40 Million Is Foster Dad

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A foster father from South Australia was the sole winner of February’s $40 Million Powerball jackpot.

He explained that he checked the winning Powerball numbers following the draw, but couldn’t quite believe it when they matched. So he woke his wife and daughter and asked them to check the numbers.

“They thought I was pulling their chain! We still can’t believe it.”

They contacted the Oz Lotteries customer support team first thing in the morning to confirm the news, as they couldn’t wait to check if it was real. Happily enough, we told them it was!

The Powerball winner described his family as “just everyday Australians with a mortgage and car loans, living week to week.” He said that in addition to Powerball, he also enters charity lotteries occasionally and always gives back. The winning numbers he played on his Powerball ticket were a mix of birthdays and random numbers. He’d even had a few smaller wins by replaying them each week.

As a foster father, the Powerball winner said that the win would not only set up his family, but future families as well. “We are quite involved in the local community,” he said.

“We’d love to give back to the charities and organisations close to our heart in the community.”

After doing it tough for a few years, the man in his fifties said the windfall would make a “world of difference” to the family.

“You’ve made our day. Actually, you’ve made our whole life!”

All of the winning Powerball numbers were 14 or lower – an unusual result from a pool of balls numbered 1-35. The winning numbers from Powerball draw 1189 on the 28th of February were 7, 5, 13, 4, 2, 14, 11 and the Powerball number was 14.

The Division 1 prize was the largest prize won in South Australia in over ten years, according to lottery officials. In addition to the $40,000,000 prize, there were six division two winners with $83,887.80 each and 79 division three winners with a prize of $3,893.55.

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