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Factory Syndicate Become $40 Million Powerball Winners

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Fourteen hard-working factory workers from Western Sydney awoke to discover that they had become $40 Million Powerball winners! The work colleagues had purchased a PowerHit 20 syndicate ticket which scooped the jackpot in its entirety.

The syndicate, who made a last-minute decision to purchase a ticket for the draw, won prizes in multiple divisions. Fortunately, the decision brought the blue-collar workers a total of $40,445,165.25 – roughly $2.9 million each. The out-of-the-blue ticket was purchased from a local newsagency in Campbelltown, New South Wales.

The syndicate leader told lotto officials that the group was “so excited”. Further, he added that some of the workers were “shaking”, while others had “goosebumps”. One man even said his “hair was standing on end and his face was tingling!”

Although the $40 Million Powerball winners wish to remain anonymous, they were not shy in expressing their sheer excitement and joy. For instance, one of the factory workers said the phone began ringing off the hook after they checked their ticket.

“The phone calls were flying around – my phone was ringing like mad! Everyone was calling everyone about the win – it was crazy!”

The syndicate leader went on to say he was more than happy to be sharing the win with his work colleagues.

“We’re all hard workers and we all put in long shifts at work to earn some extra money for our families.”

In other words, no more long hours for these lucky workers! The group is sure to be popping the champagne at their proposed group celebrations.

Not all the workers have decided what they are going to do with this “dream come true”. However, one of the workers stated that he will be retiring. Similarly, he thinks a few of the others will as well.

“You always read about people winning division one and think if only, and suddenly it’s happened to us!”

The winning numbers from Powerball draw 1042 on the 5th of May 2016 were 1, 20, 38, 11, 2 and 25 plus Powerball number 5.

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