Everything You Need to Know About Powerball Syndicates

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Have you ever wanted to improve your chances of winning Powerball? Or have you wanted to play a Powerball Syndicate but just weren’t sure what to do? We have you covered with this complete guide to playing Syndicates.

What is a Powerball Syndicate?

A Powerball Syndicate is a group of people pooling their money to buy a bigger Powerball ticket than they could if they bought their own. Syndicates work by everyone sharing the cost of the Syndicate ticket and any prizes in equal shares. A Syndicate ticket is shared between all members of the group, with everyone sharing the same numbers. But because there is more money to spend on a ticket, you have better odds of winning Powerball!

Can I buy a Powerball Syndicate online?

Oz Lotteries offers Powerball Syndicates to online players. Simply select your preferred Syndicate ticket type and when the group has filled all 10 shares, your ticket will be purchased. Your ticket and numbers will be emailed to you prior to the draw. There’s no need to find other Syndicate players or deal with sorting money – it’s all taken care of by Oz Lotteries. Plus, any prizes won will be automatically credited to each person’s Oz Lotteries account to withdraw or use.

We’ve created this handy video to show you exactly what a Syndicate with Oz Lotteries is.

Does everyone have the same numbers in a Powerball Syndicate?

All 10 people in each Powerball Syndicate have the same numbers. This is because you have all essentially contributed to the same ticket, just a bigger one than what you’d normally get. When the numbers get drawn, you will all win the same amount of money.

Can I buy more than one share in a Powerball Syndicate?

You can buy up to 10 shares in a Powerball Syndicate. Of course, if you buy all 10 shares, you take all the winnings!

How do I fill my Syndicate shares?

Oz Lotteries will fill your 10 syndicate shares for you. Once they are all purchased, you will receive your ticket confirmation in your email. You never have to worry about finding people to buy all 10 shares on Oz Lotteries.

What Syndicate ticket types are there?

Powerball Syndicate ticket types:

  • PowerHit
  • System 11
  • System 12
  • System 13

All of these ticket options will give you better odds of winning for less. You can check out our blog if you’d like to read more about what a PowerHit and System ticket are.

Can I play a Powerball Syndicate with my friends online?

You can play a Powerball Syndicate with friends on Oz Lotteries’ Lotto Party. Available on the Oz Lotteries app, Lotto Party lets you control who you want to invite into your Syndicate – all without the hassle of organising and collecting money.

Once you have made your Lotto Party, make sure you secure your share and invite whoever you choose. Each Lotto Party is open until 3 hours before the draw, ensuring plenty of time for everyone to get their copy of the ticket. Any prizes won will be automatically credited to each person’s Oz Lotteries account to withdraw or play.

We are happy to help!

Customer support is available to help!

If you’re still a little unsure about Powerball Syndicates, that’s okay! We have an excellent Customer Support team that is here to help. They are available Monday to Saturday between 8:30am to 8:30pm AEDT to help with any questions you have.

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