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Endeavour Prize Home Winners

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We’re sharing the exciting stories of some lucky Endeavour Foundation prize home winners. Learn what was their first reaction and how the win changed their life.

Endeavour Prize Home Winners – Draw 406

Troy and Megan are the new owners of a beautiful beach house at Mudjimba on the Sunshine Coast, after winning Endeavour Prize Home Draw 406. They said the location was close to their hearts, “as it is near where we got married.”

Megan said they’ve always dreamed of having a beach house, because every time they go on holidays, “we always go to the beach”.  She said, “Troy loves fishing and we want to teach the kids how to fish and live that outdoor lifestyle”. She said, “I think about the house I would want to have, then I multiply that by ten, and that’s this house!”

Their daughter Gwennie piped up “It’s beautiful!”. Mum laughed about their new weekend home and how it will impact their kids’ extra curriculum activities, “our four year old will now have to choose between ballet and Nippers!”

Troy purchases tickets in every draw and in this particular draw he decided to buy extra tickets. It is lucky he did, as one of his extra tickets was the winner!

Troy said the win means so much to them and their extended family as well as, “they could use [the house], and our kids will grow up [in] this house”.

“You see where the money is going, and it is going to a good place. It’s a great cause, that’s why it is one of our chosen charities.”

Troy said he was happy that he has been a long time supporter of Endeavour Foundation, because “to buy tickets in a charity lotto, means that you are putting the money back into organisations that are actually helping people that we know and other people like them as well.”

Megan chimed in that Endeavour Foundation is “an incredible organisation that does an amazing job, for an amazing cause, and we’ve always thought that, and that’s why Endeavour Foundation is one of our chosen charities.”

Draw 407

Anna and Andrew, Draw 407 Prize Home Winners

Anna & Andrew’s son persuaded them to buy extra tickets to their dream home in Maleny, in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland just an hour north of Brisbane, because he thought “we could have a puppy here”. His persistence paid off, as the winning ticket drawn was one of those extra tickets!

Anna said “I promised my son if there was any good news I would tell him as soon as possible.  After hearing the news of our win, I picked my husband up from work and … we went to school at lunchtime and told him the news.”

Anna said their new family home is “absolutely beautiful”, confirming that she “loves the house and Andrew has always loved the country”. They said the family is already making good use of their 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom country style home with a large deck over-looking sweeping green lawns – which the kids enjoy running around.

They said the common responses they had from friends and family when they shared their win, “oh my god, I can’t believe someone actually wins those houses” and also “when can we come and stay?”.

The couple said they’ve had a rough couple of years, so acquaintances have said to them that this was an example of “good things happening to good people”. Andrew said the win came at a great time and that they were “blown away by this experience, and are so incredibly grateful.”

“It’s lovely to be able to buy a ticket in a lottery that is also supporting [people with] disabilities at the same time. A little bit always goes a lot further than I think people realise.”

Discussing how they ended up holding the winning ticket, Anna said if players “have some sort of inkling or good feeling, I would encourage them to purchase more [tickets] than they normally would. Sometimes those extra tickets go a little bit further to make their dreams to come true, as well as those of the people they are supporting too.”

Draw 408 

Mel and family celebrate winning Draw 408

Mel, the winner of a $1.2 million modern coastal home at Pelican Waters, Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, was “fair dinkum” surprised to find out he had won. He said the win was life-changing. He received the key to his new home, surrounded by family, including his young grandkids seen in the above picture. Endeavour Foundation representatives congratulated him on the win, said it could not have gone to a more deserving person.

The home, named Bel Vedere, features an in-house cinema with recliner chairs and a projector plus a sauna and tennis court. Plus no home in Queensland is complete without an outdoor pool.

The almost pensioner said the home is really going to help him enjoy his retirement. The down to earth family man said it feels “sorta surreal” and that “it will change my whole lifestyle, especially with retirement coming up” noting that his future includes “sitting here, watching the golf course!” With his own golf buggy included in the prize, Mel may find himself chugging down to the 19th hole for Friday night drinks.

Mel is a regular supporter of Endeavour Foundation charity lottery, purchasing a $50 ticket book in each prize home draw. He said he was happy to make his contribution and that “if everyone does that, it will help a lot of people”.

Finally, Mel confirmed winning a dream retirement home “does happen to real people”.

To support Endeavour Foundation, purchase a ticket in their Endeavour Foundation Prize Home Lottery today.

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