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Endeavour Prize Home Winner Enjoying the Sunshine Coast

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Becoming an Endeavour Prize Home winner is a life-changing event. Read below some stories from recent winners and how they found out the news.

Draw 431 Winner

Scottish born hairdresser Marjory was at work at the salon when she got a life-changing call. When Marjory was told she was the Endeavour Prize Home winner she couldn’t believe it.

“I was with a client putting a colour on, so I had my gloves on and everything, when I got the call.”

“When they told me I had won, I didn’t believe them. I said, “I have to authenticate this; you could be a prank caller or anything!”

“So, then I got the other girl who works with me to grab the iPad and then we realised it wasn’t a prank and the three of us were jumping up and down,” Marjory said.

Once Marjory had time to take in the good news, she couldn’t wait to tell her family. “I rang my husband, my daughter and my mother,” she said. When her family heard the amazing news, “there were a few little swear words here and there!” Marjory laughed.

Endeavour Prize Home winner house 431

Marjory and her family are looking forward to enjoying the $1.3 million architecturally designed home.

“You look over to your left and you can see mountains but straight in front of you, when you go out to the outdoor area, you can see the ocean,” Marjory said.

Marjory’s grandchildren have already been enjoying the pool and “ship-spotting”.

Congratulations to Marjory and her lovely family!

Thursday, 8 August 2024

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Draw 430 Winner

The lucky Endeavour Prize Home 430 winner is unsure when she’ll be able to visit her new home due to the closure of borders in Australia. The winner, Amanda*, currently lives in NSW and is unable to enter Queensland until she’s ready to permanently move. Despite this, her beautiful Sunshine Coast home will be waiting for her!

“Every now and again I get onto the Queensland government website and check,” Amanda said.

Amanda will spend her days browsing the brochure to look at her new home from afar. The Endeavour Prize Home Lottery430 Winner admits it hasn’t really sunk in yet and that “for weeks I thought it was a hoax”!

“Every night I look at the photos before I go to bed,” Amanda said. “Having a new home that requires no maintenance is fantastic, and there’s enough space for all of my family when they come to visit.“I love the idea that there’s a butler’s pantry, and the swimming pool looks outstanding.”

Endeavour Prize Home draw 430 Pool

She is currently in the process of selling her home south of Sydney, and can’t wait until she can start enjoying the beautiful Sunshine Coast lifestyle.

“I’m going to move into it for six months and see how I go and if I want to live there, and then I’ll decide what i’m going to do.” 

That is the great thing about winning a prize home, there are so many options! You could move in permanently, rent it out, or keep it as a holiday home!

Amanda has lived in Queensland previously, but never the Sunshine Coast. While she is familiar with the Sunshine Coast, the reasonably new suburb of Peregian Springs didn’t exist back then. It will be an entirely new adventure!

“I’m looking forward to getting out of the cold. Where I’m living now it gets down to minus three,” she said. “I live in a village. There’s coffee shops, a post office, petrol station and a pub but that’s it. I have to drive 25 minutes to get my shopping.”

Amanda will love her new lifestyle, just 7 minutes from the beach! “I love the beach. I really love the water and I’ve got a Labrador and she adores swimming.”

Hopefully the border opens soon and the Endeavour Prize Home Lottery 430 Winner can kickstart her new life and rekindle old friendships in Queensland. Her journey began with a $10 Endeavour Prize Home ticket, and ended with a new home. Congratulations!

*Name changed for anonymity 

Next Endeavour Prize Home

If you want a chance to win like Amanda, you can grab a ticket in the current Endeavour Prize Home Lottery. If you would like some more information about the lottery, we’ve put everything you need to know about the Endeavour Foundation Prize Home draws here.

Best of luck!

Thursday, 8 August 2024

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