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Double Division 1 Winners From Oz Lotteries

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Oz Lotteries continues to create Division 1 winners online after two members hit the jackpot.

A man in his forties from the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales was the first winner, taking home a Division 1 prize in the $20,000,000 Superdraw on September 2nd. Meanwhile, the second winner, a woman in her fifties from the Hunter region in New South Wales, scooped a Division 1 prize in the $4,000,000 Saturday Lotto draw on September 9th.

Our Superdraw winner was working at his own business when he received the phone call informing him that he’d won over $1.6 million – and he had absolutely no idea! Our Customer Support team reported that he hadn’t checked his ticket and thought they were making it up.

“He was in absolute shock!”

When asked if he had ever won a big prize before, he told them that he had never won lotto. But he said he had won a coffee table “back in the early days.”

The winning man admitted them he was struggling to figure out how to pay his next monthly bills. So the news was a “big weight off his shoulders.” He also explained that his son was battling cancer. The caring father had organized a “cheap trip” to Hawaii for him! But after receiving his million-dollar windfall, he planned to take the whole family to America for a holiday.

Our Superdraw winner was one of twelve Division 1 winners nationwide who shared in the $20,000,000 jackpot. He purchased his winning 4-game System 7 ticket online from Oz Lotteries and won prizes in multiple Divisions including Division 1 and 3, with a total prize value of $1,667,865.22.

The winning numbers from Saturday Lotto Superdraw 3769 were 21, 22, 23, 16, 17, and 44, plus supplementary numbers 30 and 2.

Meanwhile, our Saturday Lotto winner also had no clue that she had won $695,626.88 until she was contacted by our Customer Support team on Monday following the draw. Certainly, the Oz Lotteries winner was so stunned. They had to put her on hold until she was able to collect her thoughts.

“She was pretty much lost for words and could not stop shaking,” they reported. “She could not believe she had won!”

The winning woman told our team that someone kept telling her that she could win by playing online, but she had never expected it to happen. She added that she had never won a large prize before, “just some small wins.”

She planned to use the winnings to pay for the new carport she had just had installed. Further plans include adding some more solar panels to the house. A holiday was also on the cards after the practical matters had been settled.

Our Saturday Lotto winner shared the $4,000,000 jackpot with five other Division 1 winners. She purchased her winning 10-game Standard ticket online from Oz Lotteries.

The winning numbers from Saturday Lotto draw 3771 were 12, 42, 40, 21, 35, and 28. Plus supplementary numbers 4 and 9.

Could you be Australia’s next millionaire? You have to be in it to win it! Get your ticket online now from Oz Lotteries and we could be calling you with thrilling news!

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