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Perth Mum Wins $2.1 Million Saturday Lotto draw

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Things are looking a lot brighter for a Canning Vale family who won a Division 1 prize in $4,000,000 Saturday Lotto draw. Their winning ticket, which was purchased from a local news agency, brought them a prize worth $2,171,670.84 – and the winning mum says she “hasn’t stopped laughing since.”

The news came as welcome relief from a case of the blues. The woman admitted she had been feeling “a bit depressed” on the day of the draw, but once she checked her lotto ticket and saw she’d matched all six winning numbers, everything changed. “I thought I must be dreaming!” she said. “I phoned my husband straight away to tell him the news.”

Like many lotto winners, the Perth family plans to use their once-in-a-lifetime windfall to reduce financial pressure by paying off their mortgage and preparing for an early retirement.

The winning numbers in Saturday Lotto draw 3541 on June 27th 2015 were 39, 17, 30, 29, 15, 32 plus supplementary numbers 21 and 41.

In January 2015, another Aussie battler watched his life turn around in an instant after winning over $600,000 in a $1,000,000 Wednesday Lotto draw. The winner was so shocked to hear the news that he had to ask lottery representatives to call him back later to let it settle in.

“I started getting hot flashes!” laughed the winner. “I couldn’t think straight.” He explained how he had been playing lotto since it began, long before it moved online, but had never thought he would win Division 1. “Most times I fill in my numbers and think that I’ll be happy if I just get my money back.” The winner, who lives with his two adult sons and two granddaughters, said his oldest son used to admonish him for wasting money on lotto tickets. “Have I proven him wrong now!” he exclaimed.

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Unfortunately, the winner had been struggling with glaucoma and was unable to tend for his garden and chickens at the back of his house. He said the money would go towards establishing a new home on acreage where his grandchildren would have space to run around. “I can finally get my chooks back and get the garden going again,” he said. “Anything we have left over, we’ll save up for the family in the future.”

A broke single dad from Melbourne also experienced a life-changing moment after winning $1.5 million in one of 2014’s $21 Million Superdraw. He had just 8 cents left in the bank at the time. Astoundingly, the single father of two had been to see a psychic in the days prior to the draw, who told him his financial situation would soon be looking up.

The stunned Division 1 winner said that his massive lotto windfall would “certainly do the trick” in that regard, adding that his win “must have been written in the stars.” After checking his ticket “about 10 times”, it finally sunk in that he had become an instant millionaire. “Now I’ll have $1,500,000.08,” he laughed.

The man said he planned to use the money to help his family and invest in his children’s future.

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