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The Deaf Lottery Winner Has Her Life Changed!

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After a few missed calls, it was a return call to The Deaf Lottery Australia that would change someone’s life forever. The winner from Mackay, QLD was told the incredible news – she is the winner of The Deaf Lottery draw 182!

“I’m crying! Are you sure it’s real?”

Not only did she win her choice of an $850,000 first prize, but also a bonus of $20,000 in gold bullion. As a supporter of Deaf Services since 2003, the winner was overjoyed. She spoke of why she supports The Deaf Lottery.

“I made the decision some years ago to support one charity. I chose Deaf Services because you do such good work for the Deaf community.”

Every lottery winner ultimately gains some more financial freedom. When asked if she planned to keep working, we gained even more insight into the humble winner.

“I work as a Trauma Counsellor. My work is very hard, so this news is just unbelievable. I love my work so much and I’ll still do it … just perhaps a bit less of it!”

Congratulations to the winner!

The Deaf Lottery - Win Charity Prizes

Your chance to win The Deaf Lottery

Dreaming of becoming the next The Deaf Lottery winner and winning an incredible $850,000 prize? From as little as a $2 ticket, it could all be yours!

Imagine making your choice from these wonderful 1st prize options:

OPTION 1: Investment or Lifestyle. Build your dream home in the location of your choice with Metricon and its partners, plus enjoy the remainder of your winnings in gold bullion (maximum $750,000) and cash (maximum $20,000).

OPTION 2: Mortgage Buster. Win your dream car and enjoy the remainder of your winnings in gold bullion (maximum $800,000) and cash (maximum $20,000) to spend as you please.

OPTION 3: Getaway Lifestyle. Win your choice of a motorhome or caravan and 4WD, plus gold bullion (maximum $750,000) and cash (maximum $20,000).

OPTION 4: Design Your Own Lifestyle. Choose from any combination of motor vehicles, marine craft, travel vouchers, gold bullion (maximum 750,000) and cash (maximum $20,000). The choice could be all yours!

Not only do you have the chance to win the $850,000 1st prize – there are an extra 114 prizes to be won, with the total prize pool valued at $897,000.

  • 2nd prize is $5,000 cash
  • 3rd prize is $3,000 cash
  • 4th-5th prizes are $2,000 cash each
  • 6th-10th prizes are $1,000 cash each
  • 11th-110th prizes are $200 cash each

Whatever prize you decide, you must have a ticket. Get your prize ticket now at Oz Lotteries from just $2.

Draw 183 is now closed. You can purchase tickets in the new draw Deaf Lottery Prize.

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